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Jamie Dimon’s gold embossed presidential seal cuff links, a gift from the president, are a blatant reminder that Obama plays lead to Jamie Dimon and the  fat cats ~ who obviously control America: Allen L Roland

Forbes rates JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon as the 41st most powerful person in the world with annual earnings of almost 21 million.
JPMorgan Chase is one of the Big Four banks of the United States with Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo. According to Bloomberg, as of October 2011 JPMorgan Chase surpassed Bank Of America as the largest U.S. bank by assets.

So when Jamie Dimon waltzed into the Congressional hearings last week sporting his gift Presidential seal gold embossed cuff links from President Obama ~ it was a not so subtle in-your-face statement to congress and the American people of who not only owns but is in charge of America.

Jamie Dimon posing for Press with his presidential cuff links at recent congressional hearing

Jamie Dimon’s gift cuff links on full display

So let’s see what’s underneath this blatant act of arrogance.

Ellen Brown cuts to the quick with her recent brilliant analysis ~ The US Senate won’t touch Jamie Dimon because JPM derivatives prop up US Debt;

“ What is going on with this panel of senators?” asked Jon Stewart.  “They’re sucking up to Jamie Dimon like they’re on JPMorgan’s payroll.”  The explanation in a news clip that followed was that JPMorgan Chase is the biggest campaign donor to many of the members of the Banking Committee.
That is one obvious answer, but financial analysts Jim Willie and Rob Kirby think it may be something far larger, deeper, and more ominous…. The national debt is growing at $1.5 trillion per year.  Ultra-low interest rates MUST be maintained to prevent the debt from overwhelming the government budget.  Near-zero rates also need to be maintained because even a moderate rise would cause multi-trillion dollar derivative losses for the banks, and would remove the banks’ chief income stream, the arbitrage afforded by borrowing at 0% and investing at higher rates.
The low rates are maintained by interest rate swaps, called by Willie a “derivative tool which controls the bond market in a devious artificial manner.” 
Kirby contends that the only organization large enough to act as counterparty to some of these trades is the U.S. Treasury itself.  He suspects the Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund, a covert entity without oversight and accountable to no one. Kirby also notes that if publicly-traded companies (including JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley) are deemed to be integral to U.S. national security (meaning protecting the integrity of the dollar), they can legally be excused from reporting their true financial condition.  They are allowed to keep two sets of books.
Interest rate swaps are now over 80 percent of the massive derivatives market, and JPMorgan holds about $57.5 trillion of them.  Without the protective JPMorgan swaps, interest rates on U.S. debt could follow those of Greece and climb to 30%.  CEO Dimon could, then, indeed be “the guy in charge”: he could be controlling the lever propping up the whole U.S. financial system.”.

Ellen Brown asks the key question ~ Is there no alternative but to succumb to the Mafia-like Wall Street protection racket of a covert derivatives trade in interest rate swaps?
“ As Willie and Kirby observe, that scheme itself must ultimately fail, and may have failed already.  They point to evidence that the JPM losses are not just $3 billion but $30 billion or more, and that JPM is actually bankrupt ;
The derivatives casino itself is just a last-ditch attempt to prop up a private pyramid scheme in fractional-reserve money creation, one that has progressed over several centuries through a series of “reserves” ~ from gold, to Fed-created “base money,” to mortgage-backed securities, to sovereign debt ostensibly protected with derivatives.  We’ve seen that the only real guarantor in all this is the government itself, first with FDIC insurance and then with government bailouts of too-big-to-fail banks.  If we the people are funding the banks, we should own them; and our national currency should be issued, not through banks at interest, but through our own sovereign government.”
See full article:

Commodity Futures Trading Commission head and former Goldman Sachs partner Gary Gensler puts the credit swap problem in easy to understand terms;
“The swap market lacks necessary street lamps,” he said. “I think the American public still isn’t safe on these roads until we get the rules of the road in place. I think the America public was bystanders to taking on excessive risk in 2008, and we still have been.”
Now get this !  JPMorgan receives a government subsidy worth about $14 billion a year, according to research published by the International Monetary Fund. That $14 billion dollars represents 77 percent of JP Morgan’s net income for the past four quarters. In other words, U.S. taxpayers helped foot the bill for the multibillion-dollar trading loss that was the focus of last weeks hearings. See full report:

And there’s more ~ Here’s How JP Morgan makes hundreds of millions of dollars on food assistance programs / Republic Report.

We are all being played for suckers but If you think things are dangerous here ~ take a look at the Euro zone through the eyes of UKIP Nigel Farage ~ who rightfully calls the whole thing a giant Ponzi scheme. Here’s U.K. Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage discussing the causes of the financial crisis in Europe as well as the inadequacy of its present leadership . 6 minute video

So there you have it, the global economic and monetary system is coming apart at the seams, the Banksters, both here and abroad, can no longer hide from the truth that Jamie Dimon and the fat cats own America as well as President Obama and congress ~ and that bailing out the banks always ends with tax payers paying the bill.

And speaking of taxpayers ~ where does half of the money that the IRS siphons off from the paychecks of its citizens in taxes every year go?
It's the war machine and a subject that the financial news media is strangely silent about.
4 minute Video:

If you’re not angry, you’re on life support or another planet.
Freelance Alternative Press Online columnist and psychotherapist Allen L Roland is available for comments, interviews, speaking engagements and private consultations (
Allen L Roland is a practicing psychotherapist, author and lecturer who also shares a daily political and social commentary on his weblog and website He also guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Death is inevitable but when it suddenly takes away a young shining light, as it did my granddaughter Kaitlyn through a tragic accident, it is an instant reminder that we are all put here a little time to sing our song and bear the beams of love: Allen L Roland

Death is a tall dark stranger ~ who always arrives when you least expect it.

Its cold forbidding presence rides on the chariot of the unknown.

However, beneath its ominous gray shroud beats an all encompassing heart for death is but a passage within a loving plan in action ~ a loving plan that exists beyond time and space ~ a flimsy curtain between our present reality and a state of soul consciousness ( the Unified Field ) that is hidden from us until we raise that curtain of fear.

Thus those who we love deeply not only live in our hearts but become part of us forever ~ as my late granddaughter Kaitlyn most certainly lives in my heart.

When I first heard last week of her tragic accidental death from my tearful son ~ I felt as if a light had just gone out in the small galaxy of my loved ones ~ and at only 22 years old.

I really did not know her that well for she was born in 1990 in Washington state and after my daughter went through a painful divorce ~ she lived with her dad’s family in the Spokane area.

I saw her less than five times in her brief time on this planet but I was always touched by her radiant spirit and light. The Tri-city Herald reaffirmed this spirit in their news story last week ; “ Current and former members of the Heatwave Dance Team at Southridge High School gathered Tuesday to remember one of their own who was killed in an accident in Spokane.

Southridge dance coach Liz Stiles said Kaitlyn Rebstock was a talented dancer and passionate leader who touched two generations of the team ~ through her own participation from 2004-08 and more recently when one of her younger sisters joined the team.

Rebstock, 22, died early Tuesday, and by afternoon, word spread to classmates and friends who came to the school to share their memories and their loss.

"A lot of the kids (from her class) are back from college and they all wanted to be together," Stiles told the Herald. "She impacted so many people."

Spokane police said it appeared Rebstock returned home from work about midnight and parked her car at the top of a steep driveway.
Police believe the car rolled backward and Rebstock was pinned underneath when she tried to stop it.
She died at the scene, said the Spokane Medical Examiner's Office.

Rebstock graduated from Southridge in 2008 and made the honor roll several times, Herald archives showed.

She was a member of the Heatwave Dance Team, which won a state dance title as well as  the 3A Division Hip Hop Dance title while Rebstock was on the team.

Her mother, Wendy White, and grandmother, Patty White, run The Dance Class studio in Richland.

Stiles said Rebstock was a leader who inspired and motivated her teammates and was well-loved by classmates.

"She was a beautiful girl. This is an incredible loss," Stiles said. "From 2004 to now, she has been a part of the school. That's a lot of Southridge students connected to her. She was an extremely talented, kind, giving girl."

Kaitlyn was a dancer and when she danced she became a transcendent star whose light touched everyone ~ she was obviously singing and celebrating her own song.

In that regard, we all have a song to sing and eventually true happiness is defined by whether you are singing your own song or someone else's song.

Most people die with their music still locked up inside them because they never said yes to themselves or allowed themselves to be controlled by fear ~ but Kaitlyn was obviously saying yes to herself.

Singing and celebrating your own song is the ultimate act of love for in singing your own song you become part of a divine chorus which has been patiently waiting for your part ~ and, in so doing, you’re in service from a place of celebration.

Kaitlyn said yes to herself, sang and celebrated her song and made a difference before she unexpectedly and tragically passed on ~ but I’m sure she is now dancing her hip hop and spreading her magic in a much larger universal stage. For she is now fully in a state of soul consciousness, that exists beyond time and space, and in a profound deep personal way I feel even closer to her.

In that spirit ~ here’s a two minute video of Kaitlyn performing with the Heat wave crazy legs dance team at their homecoming game in 2010.

Allen L Roland

Freelance Alternative Press Online columnist and psychotherapist Allen L Roland is available for comments, interviews, speaking engagements and private consultations (

Allen L Roland is a practicing psychotherapist, author and lecturer who also shares a daily political and social commentary on his weblog and website He also guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on

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WMAP mission data of the Cosmic Microwave Background birth of the Universe. Credit: NASA

I have always dared to think the seemingly impossible and many times I have been right but I have always sensed that our universe has been continually cycling through a pattern of plurality, union and a resultant burst of energy into something far more complex and conscious ~ and always fueled by love and the universal propensity to unite: Allen L Roland

With the world economies mired in depression and debt and the American military machine cranking up for Syria and Iran ~ I look to nature as well as deep space for reminders that we are innately part of something far greater than ourselves or as William Blake said “We are put on earth a little space to bear the beams of love.”

In July, 2009 , NASA released what it called the most vivid snapshot of the infant universe ever taken, captured with such stunning detail that it may be one of the most significant scientific achievements of recent years.

It appears to answer long-standing questions about the age, composition and evolution of the universe as gathered by scientists using NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, a satellite orbiting 1 million miles from Earth, during a 12-month observation of the entire sky

Now it appears that scientists have seen evidence of a time before the Big Bang, and perhaps a verification of the idea of the cyclical universe.
One of the great physicists of our time, Roger Penrose from the University of Oxford, published a new paper saying “ that the circular patterns seen in the WMAP mission data on the Cosmic Microwave Background suggest that space and time perhaps did not originate at the Big Bang but that our universe continually cycles through a series of “aeons,” and we have an eternal, cyclical cosmos….and that  each “Big Bang” marked the start of a new aeon, and our universe is just one of many in a cyclical Universe, starting a new universe in place of the one before.”  See article ~,_Cyclical_Universe_-_Evidence_of_Activity_Before_Big_Bang.html

But note how similar this is to Teilhard de Chardin’s Law of Complexity Consciousness except on a much grander scale ~  
Whereas Einstein was concerned with the without of things, Teilhard was concerned with the within of things. Teilhard used the term "within" to denote the psychic face or consciousness of matter ~ since the beginning of time ~ which reveals itself in its innate urge to unite.

Teilhard defines this innate urge to unite as an energy force in his famous Law Of Complexity - Consciousness. The law states two principles:

1. Throughout all time there has been an evolutionary tendency for all matter to unite and become increasingly complex in nature.
2. With each increase in material complexity, there is a related rise in the consciousness of matter and an even greater urge to unite.

Teilhard divided this fundamental energy into two distinct components ~ a Tangential energy which linked the element with all others of the same order and a Radial energy which represented the innate urge toward union and greater complexity as well as a leap in consciousness.
It is this Radial energy in matter, this deep urge towards union and completion, which eventually manifests itself as LOVE.

As such, Teilhard's Radial energy is one in the same with what I call a state of Soul Consciousness and The Unified Field. A state of love and soul consciousness that exists not only beyond time and space but also deepest within ourselves ~ and whose principle property is the universal urge to unite.

If we compare this with Darwin's evolutionary theory, Darwin's only error was to substitute matter for spirit as the motivating force of the Universe.
For it becomes increasingly clear, in light of this innate urge to unite, that man is the product of an evolution of love. From the pre-atomic stage in the depths of the primordial sea to his present ' hominized ' state ~ man is the product of a seemingly endless evolution within a loving plan of plurality, union and a resultant energy transformation into something more complex, more conscious and more loving.  

So why wouldn’t the same thing be happening on a galactic and universal level?

Guess what ~ it is!  Even on the molecular level !

The Initial findings of the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland unexpectedly revealed last year that the emerging collision particles seem to fly in the same direction which indicates an internal structure or consciousness, which, I would claim, is a Unified Field of love and connectedness whose principle property is the universal urge to unite. See article ~

Only our individual and collective state of ego consciousness (the need to control and dominate others) stands in the way of our awareness of not only a loving plan in action but each of our individual parts in that loving plan ~ which becomes obvious when seen from outer space.
Here is a photo of our planet from Voyager I on February 14, 1990 as it sailed away from Earth, more than 4 billion miles in the distance, having completed its primary mission ~ but not before Carl Sagan signaled the space vehicle to turn its camera and take one last photo of that pale blue dot we all live on, called earth. Our planet was caught in the center of one of the scattered light rays resulting from taking the image so close to the Sun. Voyager 1 is the last spacecraft to have departed our solar system with a functional camera.

The Pale Blue Dot: The picture of Earth from 4 billion miles away. As told by Carl Sagan ~ 6 minute video

Our Sun, which is 4.7 billion years old, is located 26,000 light-years away from the galactic center on one of the spiral arms of our galaxy ~ the Milky Way. It is a location considered more suitable than others for harboring life, in part because the central region is too chaotic, and in part because the concentration of metals there is too heavy, and it’s too light in the galaxy’s outer fringes.
The Sun makes one complete orbit around the galaxy about once every 225 million years. In contrast, stars near the galactic center complete a lap in a few million years or less. These stars as a group tend to be younger than the galactic average, most ranging in age from 1 billion to 10 billion years old

Most of our galaxy is relatively uncrowded ~ the nearest star to our Sun, for example, is 4.2 light-years away. But roughly 10 million stars are known to orbit within a light-year of the galaxy's center. 
As Sagan said ~ The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena, a lonely spec in the cosmic darkness “ but I maintain we are an integral part of something far greater than ourselves and love is the door we must open to experience this universal state of soul consciousness.
In other words, to fully blossom we must fully love: “ The sun knows itself insofar as it knows other stars, as we know and become ourselves through other humans. Our realization of the stars in the galaxy is a function of the galaxies’ consciousness. How can we posit a dead universe when we ourselves are alive? There is no bloom on a dead stem!”  Rowena Pattee ( Our living Earth: A vision of our Relationship with Nature )
Science will surely remain one-eyed and lacking in depth-perception until it acknowledges the equal validity of subjective, sensory and spiritual experience. And it will continue to record the letter of mere mechanics, and miss the true spirit that brings it all to life, until it comes to recognize the universal urge to unite, even within the molecule itself, as being the universal attractive force of love.

No one describes this scientific impasse more tellingly than Lincoln Barnett, author of The Universe and Dr. Einstein:

"A theoretical concept is emptied of content to the degree that it is divorced from sensory experience ~ for the only world man can truly know is the world created for him by his senses. Beyond that point he stares into the void.”

We are rapidly reaching the point where psychology, science and religion are all becoming aware of the growing need for a radical empiricism. 

One of the biggest surprises revealed in the data of the first cosmic portrait of the birth of the universe is that the first generation of stars to shine in the Universe ignited only 200 million years after the Big Bang, which is much earlier than many scientists had expected.
In addition, the new portrait precisely pegs the age of the Universe at 13.7 billion years old, with a remarkably small one percent margin of error.

When we observe the red shift of galaxies outside our local group, every galaxy appears to be moving away from us. We are therefore led to the conclusion that our Universe is expanding. This is called Hubble expansion, after Edwin Hubble, who discovered the phenomenon in 1929.

But as the Universe expands is it, in reality, feeling an increasing innate urge to unite? 

Yes, all those Galaxies in our expanding universe are awaiting their innate call to union ~ as the millions of people on our expanded crowded planet are also awaiting our innate call to union.

Then, what is the call?

The call, quite simply, is love or the innate universal urge to unite. 
Let me use the findings of the recent Nobel Prize winning researchers, Politzer, Gross and Wilczek, to prove my point.
They won the 2004 Nobel prize in physics for their studies of the “strong Force~ the powerful and mysterious energy that holds the nuclei of atoms together.

They explained the mystifying qualities of the strong force, which holds together the fundamental building blocks of nature, called QUARKS, to form protons and neutrons ~ two of the basic components of atoms.  

Now, this is when it gets interesting

Independently, they developed the theory and the mathematical equations to show that Quarks are held together by the strong force which, unlike any other force in the universe, gets stronger as the quarks get farther apart ~ a concept now known as “Asymptotic Freedom “.

The simplest analogy is to a rubber band encircling two objects.
When the objects are close together, the rubber band fits loosely. But as they are drawn apart, the rubber band stretches, eventually trying to pull them back together.

Now, here is my take on these findings as applied to my Unified Field of Love and Soul Consciousness.

The strong force in the atom is the urge to unite which is the principle property of my Unified Field.
It is the same urge to unite that Bose and Einstein found when they discovered that photons (light particles) have a tendency to travel together versus act randomly ~ which eventually led to the discovery of the laser.

It is also the same urge to unite that Teilhard de Chardin speaks of when he wrote ~ If there were no real propensity to unite , even at a prodigiously rudimentary level, indeed, in the molecule itself ~ it would be physically impossible for love to appear higher up in the ' hominized ' or human form .

It is also the same urge to unite that loved ones feel when they are separated from each other ~ and the further apart the stronger the pull to be back together.
This would also seemingly explain how the urge to unite would increase as the Universe continues to expand.

As such, it is a force that is stronger than Gravity ! 

Thus, the one constant of the universe would no longer be light at 186,000 miles per second for even light particles ( photons ) are subject to this force field of love ~ this driving urge to unite which exists not only beyond time and space but also deepest within all matter.

And this would also explain why mankind is in the process of uniting while we seemingly are dividing and pulling away from each other.

And finally, on an individual level, it would explain the evolutionary power of love, altruism and social cooperation and how we can no longer resist our innate pull and urge to unite versus separate, isolate and dominate.

Then we have Mike Purton, writing in the Guardian on 12/02/04 of the greatest religious discovery of the 20th century :,12996,1366352,00.html

 "Physicists call it entanglement, and it describes the state of two or more particles once they have interacted with one another. From then on, irrespective of time and space, a correlation will always exist between them. What happens to one will affect the other - even if they are now at opposite ends of the universe ...For if matter emerged from energy in the singularity of the big bang, it would seem to follow that all the particles of which it consists are in that state of correlation. They have not become entangled, but at the fundamental level they have never been - and can never be - separated. "

To further evolve we must love as Teilhard reminds us (The Future Of Man) “Love has always been carefully eliminated from realist and positivist concepts of the world; but sooner or later we shall have to acknowledge that it is the fundamental impulse of life. Or, if you prefer, the one natural medium in which the rising course of evolution can proceed……It is through love and within love that we must look for the deepening of our deepest self, in the life-giving coming together of humankind. “

In a 2008 interview by TIME magazine, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked what he thought the “most astounding fact” about the Universe was. Never at a loss for words, the famed scientist gave his equally astounding answer. His response is in the video below, set to images and music by Max Schlickenmeyer.
It’s the best three minutes and thirty-three seconds you’ll spend today.

In summarythe great dawning and, I would add, inevitable realization of psychology, science and religion is that our separateness is an illusion measured by the state of our consciousness and that our ultimate reality, once again measured by the state of our consciousness, is the realization that we are all united and part of an evolving, loving and indivisible whole (The Unified Field) ~ and we resist it at our peril.  

Very young children are aware, as I was, of this universal truth and consciousness which would explain Teilhard's quote ~ " Till the very end of time matter will always remain young, exuberant, sparkling, and new-born for those who are willing to love "    

As such, those who we love deeply become part of us forever.
Starting with my twin and beloved grandfather ~ every person
I have deeply loved in this lifetime, as well as in past lifetimes, still lives in my heart. A thread of love that exists beyond time and space.

Or, as Longfellow so eloquently writes, " The thread of all sustaining beauty that runs through all and doth all unite.”


Allen L Roland

Freelance Alternative Press Online columnist and psychotherapist Allen L Roland is available for comments, interviews, speaking engagements and private consultations (

Allen L Roland is a practicing psychotherapist, author and lecturer who also shares a daily political and social commentary on his weblog and website He also guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on

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Now that the over priced Facebook IPO has come and rightfully tanked, let’s take a revealing look beneath the over-hyped illusion of the social-networking website itself ~ but more importantly what its IPO fiasco tells us about a blatantly rigged stock market, where short term greed still overrides fairness, and how we all got Zuckered : Allen L Roland

I’ve never been a big fan or advocate of Facebook although as a columnist I use it as a publishing platform among many other publishing platforms. I was asked by the producers of my monthly radio show ( Truth Talk ) to join in order to broaden their radio exposure ~ but I spend virtually no daily time on Facebook, probably know less than 10% of my so-called “friends” and have never clicked on a Facebook Ad. I’ve also spent 11 years as an Investment banker, some of it on Wall Street, and know how the Wall Street casino really works.

So anyone who is valuing Facebook by its user base is obviously counting "eye balls" that flat out do not exist.  More's some extremely insightful humor, courtesy of the Onion, that sums up the short and long term prospects of Facebook in 60 seconds...

Photo of Mark Zuckerberg and his overjoyed Facebook insider friends who made Billions on an inflated bubble that rightfully tanked but at least lived up to their slogans of “Move fast and break things” and “Done is better than perfect”.

It's pretty clear now that the Facebook IPO was a fiasco. At an outrageous opening price of $38 dollars a share ~ it was 100 times earnings “among friends.”

Today it closed at approximately $26.00 dollars a share ~ a loss of millions to those who bought it at the opening price and thought it was another google. Before today, the stock has lost almost 30 percent since it started trading at $38 on May 18.

But yesterday it was also revealed that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg knew company shares were overpriced before the May 18 initial public offering and allegedly quietly dumped around $1 billion in shares ~ according to TMZ;

“A new lawsuit claims Mark Zuckerberg pulled a billion dollar fast one on Facebook investors," TMZ reports; "The class action lawsuit ~ filed by disgruntled Facebook shareholders ~ claims the 28-year-old CEO had inside info that the stock was grossly overvalued, and he protected his own financial hide by quickly unloading a ton of Facebook stock."
"This is the second time in two weeks a group of FB shareholders have joined together to accuse the mogul of withholding information."
TMZ did not cite any sources or specific financial details.
"The lawsuit claims Zuckerberg and his cronies hid the fact that there was a foundational flaw in the Facebook business model ~ that there was not nearly enough advertising revenue to support a stock valued at $38 a share,"
TMZ adds.
"The lawsuit claims Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, and Goldman Sachs ~ all sounded the alarm before the IPO that Facebook was seriously overvalued, but that information was 'selectively disclosed' to only the largest investors."

Read more:

Here's one guy ( David Weidner ) who wrote 10 Reasons Not To Buy Facebook Before You Buy It Anyway ~  that got it right before hand and he’s also a user ~ but not a believer ~ who admits he probably would not pay to use it.

Here’s number 7 ~ which now looks prophetic as well as the equally relevant number 10;

7) No parents. “ Facebook, it has been said, is a two-headed company. One head is Mr. Zuckerberg, who builds the products for the users. Cheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer, is the one responsible for making the money. She's also considered the company's unofficial grown-up, given that she is older than 40 and has worked somewhere other than the college bookstore, even if it was Google. Together, they've built a nontraditional way of doing business. No meetings. Small teams. They have unconventional mottos: "Move fast, break things" is one, and "Done is better than perfect" is another. This could be a business revolution ~ or the start of a food fight in the corporate cafeteria.
(10) The ceiling. We may already have hit it with Facebook's valuation.
“Consider that Facebook's 88% growth rate last year was something the company acknowledged was "unsustainable." Or that 10% to 15% of revenue comes from Zynga ZNGA and other game companies that use the Facebook platform. Or everything in this list: skeptical advertisers, a young management team about to become amazingly rich, a history of social-network flameouts, deep-pocketed competition and the privacy issue…. It should give an investor pause, right?
5 minute Weidner Video interview:

Right, David ~ but it’s all in a day's work for Wall Street's chummy club of Investment underwriters and crooked auditors who are well versed in making stock market fantasies a reality at everyone else’s expense.

Here’s the glue that holds it all together ~ "Compliant" auditors (i.e. crooks)

Here’s how it works...Francine McKenna ( author of the Auditors ) explains on Capital Account with Lauren Lyster that Facebook’s earnings or future earnings are rightfully suspect with obvious conflicts of interest;

McKenna explains how auditors (in this case, Ernst & Young) literally cook the books and that there is more than enough reason to suspect their accounting methods. She also explains how nobody had really looked under the hood of Facebook and that CEO’s often make up there own matrix to explain away losses. This would certainly apply to a non-gap matrix where management decides and manipulates reported earnings in order to make their fantasy a reality ~ which appears to most certainly be the case with Farcebook (Facebook).

Video: ( watch first 13 minutes )

Lynn Parramore correctly writes on AlterNet what the Facebook fiasco tells us about our rigged Stock market ~ and remember I was part of that scene for over 11 years; “Why does this happen? Well, mostly because the public is playing a rigged insider game known as the stock market. Generally it goes like this: An IPO, especially one that has been hyped more than the Second Coming, makes a load of cash for a select group of inside investors, both those giving up their shares – people like the founders and the venture capitalists -- and the privileged group of banks that are underwriting the stock issue. When the ordinary investor gets to bid for shares on the stock market, the banks hope to get a big boost in the price, and sail away to their yachts with huge gains…. Facebook is scrambling to place the blame for the fumbled IPO on technical glitches at NASDAQ, but it seems that the public is not buying what they’re selling on that one. No, it looks like Zuckerberg and the underwriters were just greedy, trying to hustle as much money as possible, the public be damned.”    See article:
Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone, definitively nails it when he writes “ I was on the phone last night with a former hedge fund CEO who was talking about this ~ "Facebook," he said, "is a colossal example of a complete clusterfuck where everybody wins except the ordinary investor." His point was that virtually every week now we see stories like this that hint at a kind of two-tiered market system in which most of the real action takes place inside an unregulated black-box network of connected insiders who don’t disclose their relationships or their interests, while everyone else, i.e. the regular suckers, live in the more tightly-policed world of prospectuses and quarterly reporting and so on.”

So there you have it, Facebook tanked and what really happened is the public got Zuckered ~ and get this ~ many of those laughing faces at Farcebook obviously knew it.

Allen L Roland

Freelance Alternative Press Online columnist and psychotherapist Allen L Roland is available for comments, interviews, speaking engagements and private consultations (

Allen L Roland is a practicing psychotherapist, author and lecturer who also shares a daily political and social commentary on his weblog and website He also guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on