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The U.S. condoned war zone of Gaza with omnipresent Israeli watchtower

The myth of Israel's right to Palestine as well as their illegal and brutal U.S. supported Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza has finally been exposed and shattered by a Zionist Generals' son, Miko Peled ~ who reveals in his book that Israel's rabid Zionists are very similar to America's rabid neo-conservatives and that the only hope for the region depends on a bottom up American public outcry for human rights and democracy to replace the current Israel Garrison state of subjugation and apartheid: Allen L Roland, Ph.D

Innocent victim of U.S. condoned and military supported Apartheid in Gaza

On Wednesday, Gaza's health ministry, which keeps casualty figures, said 209 Palestinians had been killed and 1,560 were injured as the fighting continued for a ninth day. At least 39 children and 24 women were among the dead, officials said. In actuality, 80% of the killed and injured are civilians. Remember, there is no Israeli Iron Dome to protect Palestinian civilians and children ~ this is not war, it's genocide.

Below is a photograph of the anguished wail of a grieving father of one of the four young boys who was killed by an Israeli strike in Gaza on Wednesday. The boys, all cousins and under the age of 12, had been playing soccer on the beach when the Israelis attack occurred. The man’s picture, by photographer Hosam Salem, was taken during the boys’ funeral.

The open sore of  man's brutal inhumanity to man continues unabated in Gaza despite the cries of many of the world's humanitarian leaders to end this Zionist and American sanctioned slaughter of occupied and oppressed civilians and their rightful defenders. This ongoing atrocity is paying a psychic toll on the world's conscience and can no longer go on unabated without severe consequences.

In December of 2013, I summarized my outraged feelings which also included a 4 minute video clip of former president Jimmy Carter commenting on Hard Ball regarding the truth about Israel. See article and video ~

Here's Carter's Hardball 5 minute TV appearance by itself ~ and note how it is abruptly ended as Carter's talking points take effect:

But now we have an honest Israeli Jew, Miko Peled, the son of a Zionist General, telling the Real Truth about Israel and the ravages of unchecked Zionism.

Miko Peled was born in Jerusalem into a famous and influential Israeli Zionist family. His father was a famous General in the Israeli Army, of which Miko also served his time. When Miko's niece was killed by Palestinian suicide bombers, you may have expected the family to put Palestinians at fault, but surprisingly they blamed the state of Israel, and their violent torturing and persecution for driving people to such sadness that they would take their own lives.

Through his father's deep knowledge of the Israeli war of terror, together with his own research, Miko Peled peals away the myths surrounding the Israel and Palestine situation, and delivers a truth so damning that many Jews and Israel supporters will not be able to bear it. He reveals facts such as the original expelled Jews are not the ones returning, and they are not their descendants either, covers the double standards regarding the right of return, which doesn't apply to Palestinians, and dispels the myth that there has been a conflict for ages by producing proof that it was peaceful up until 1947 when Israel launched their illegal attacks.

Miko is just one of the many modern day Jews against Zionism and the state of Israel, and with the information he delivers in this astounding talk, it is not difficult to see why more and more Jews are rejecting Zionism and calling for the dismantling of Israel. It is a true eye-opener for anyone who has for too long been blinded by the fake misinformation given by the mainstream media, and the truths come straight from the heartland where he has spent many years documenting the real story.

The last 20 minutes of this riveting 65 minute video are spontaneous questions and answers where Miko shares that the current preoccupation of Israel with Iran is a smokescreen to cover up apartheid with Palestine, that the only law that applies to Palestinians is Israeli military law and that only a bottom up American demand for human rights and democracy can change or break the Israeli garrison apartheid state and its AIPAC supporters.

See full 60 minute presentation and questions and answers video:

As Margaret Kimberley correctly writes in ICH ~ "Of all the partners in international crime in existence right now, the United States and Israel are the worst. Along with their less powerful cohorts like Saudi Arabia they have instigated occupations and carnage on a mass scale. Yet while one hand washes the other, it isn’t always clear who controls whom. Israel uses the political and economic muscle of its supporters to keep American politicians in line, but it also doesn’t have to work very hard to find a receptive ear in Washington."

Allen L Roland

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Sunday, July 13, 2014


 LA Kings celebrate their second Stanley Cup in three years

The final nail in the coffin of East Coast sports dominance was provided by the LA Kings winning the coveted Stanley Cup for the second time in three years with a 3-2 victory over the New York Rangers in June, 2014. As a native New Englander, I once worshipped the Boston Bruins, Red Sox and New York Giants but when my beloved Giants moved west in1958 shortly after my move west as a Naval Aviator  ~ my allegiance shifted and I saw the handwriting on the wall which has now become reality. The West is now supreme in pro sports with Baseball, Football, Basketball and now Hockey leading the parade ~ and the East Coast is just beginning to sense this truth: Allen L Roland


It's almost emotionally unbearable to witness the carnage that Israel is inflicting on its occupied garrison state of Palestine while the rest of the world looks away. In December of 2013, I summarized my outraged feelings which still remain the same ~ see my article

To a Brazilian, the feeling would be like watching its National Soccer team recently be trounced by Germany 7-1 in the World Cup ~ shocked disbelief.

Now let me set the record straight on another more palpable sports truth ~ It's all over for East Coast Sports dominance ~ the West Coast is already dominant which will soon become obvious to Boston, New York and the rest of the East coast.

Let's take it sport by sport:

1. Major league Baseball ~ The best record in Baseball belongs to the surging Oakland A's (buoyed by Billy Beane's recent pitching steal from the Chicago Cubs) followed closely by the Los Angeles Angels, San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers. Detroit and Milwaukee have decent records in weak divisions. The Yankees and Red Sox are currently tired relics from the past.

2. National Hockey League ~ the torch has been handed to the West and Stanley Cup two time Winner Los Angeles Kings as well as the San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Ducks who are close behind.

3. National Football league ~ The super bowl champions Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers are the two best teams in the NFL and continue to set the standard for excellence.

4. National Basketball Association ~ The World champion San Antonio Spurs, as well as the LA Clippers and Golden State Warriors are the class of the west.

My point is that the West Coast has clear superiority over the East Coast in major professional sports ~ which will become more apparent this year when the Oakland A's will most probably face the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series.

To avid sports fans, such as myself, the place to be is on the West Coast ~ which I innately knew as a child and have lived as an adult. LeBron James should actively consider this possibility even though he has made the decision to return to his Mid-West hometown Cleveland. However, that may end up being a pit stop on his journey West for there is only one logical final location for LeBron James ~ and that is the Los Angeles Lakers where his star will gain even further luster as well as enhance the ageing skills of his friend and fellow superstar Kobe Bryant.

50 years ago, I would never have envisioned this West Coast dominance but now it's obvious and somewhat validating since I am the only one in my family to hear and follow the Call of the West as poet Gerald Gould so ably writes;

“Beyond the East the sunrise, beyond the West the sea,
And East and West the wanderlust that will not let me be;
It works in me like madness, dear, to bid me say good-by!
For the seas call and the stars call, and oh, the call of the sky!

I know not where the white road runs, nor what the blue hills are,
But man can have the sun for friend, and for his guide a star;
And there's no end of voyaging when once the voice is heard,
For the river calls and the road calls, and oh, the call of a bird!

Yonder the long horizon lies, and there by night and day
The old ships draw to home again, the young ships sail away;
And come I may, but go I must, and if men ask you why,
You may put the blame on the stars and the sun and the white road and the sky!”  ~
 Gerald Gould

To me, my stars were the writings of Jack London (Call of the Wild) which stirred my young active imagination and made it easy to listen to and follow my heart and destiny ~ and. to my delight, the New York Giants followed me to the San Francisco Bay area in 1958. But it was also the spirit of creative freedom, daring and innovation that I correctly sensed on the West Coast compared to the stifling tradition, provincialism and allegiance to the status quo of the East Coast.

The days of Mays, McCovey, Marichal and Cepeda are long past and now it's Cespedes, Moss, Donaldson, Doolittle, Norris and kazmir who fuel my sports fire for the young, driven and relentless Oakland A's are now the team to beat in the West.

I'm glad I'm an avid sports fan and I know it's healthy to stay excited about life and its events even as the Empire crumbles around us ~ for there is something innocent, noble and exhilarating in watching your favorite team endure the exhilaration of victory and agony of defeat ~ which somehow is a not too subtle reminder of what life is really like when we are fully engaged.

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” ~ Babe Ruth

Allen L Roland


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Friday, July 4, 2014


The last refuge of a scoundrel is patriotism and this Independence Day 2014 as we celebrate our independence with parades, picnics and fireworks ~ let us not forget the clowns and scoundrels who cloak themselves in patriotism and represent the worst of America. There is no more despised clown or scoundrel who still represents the worst of American values, yet continues to cloak himself in patriotism, than Darth Vader himself, Dick Cheney ~ the behind the scenes architect of the 9/11 attacks and cover up, the promoter of the illegal war with Iraq for Oil resources, the instigator of illegal rendition, Guantanamo as well as the torture memos and whose self-described travels on the dark side have left America's crumbling Empire morally barren and spiritually lost: Allen L Roland

Dick Cheney is like a deadly and now dormant vampire who lives in the darkness and can only be truly eliminated by a wooden stake of truth driven into his treasonous heart of denial whereas the truth of 9/11 will finally be revealed as well as Cheney's role in America's greatest act of treason ~ a 9/11 cover up which is still being protected and ignored by the Obama administration.

First, the crumbling Empire. Only Chris Hedges truly captures the true ghoulish face of a fading American Empire as seen in the current disintegration of Iraq ~ "The disintegration of Iraq is irreversible. At best, the Kurds, the Shiites and the Sunnis will carve out antagonistic enclaves. At worst, there will be a protracted civil war. This is what we have bequeathed to Iraq. The spread of our military through the region has inflamed jihadists across the Arab world. The resulting conflicts will continue until we end our occupation of the Middle East. The callous slaughter we deliver is no different from the callous slaughter we receive. Our jihadists ~ George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Thomas Friedman and Tommy Franks ~ who assured us that swift and overwhelming force in Iraq would transform the Middle East into an American outpost of progress, are no less demented than the jihadists approaching Baghdad. These two groups of killers mirror each other. This is what we have spawned. And this is what we deserve"  See article ~

Next, the barely living symbol and still performing clown of this crumbling Circus or Empire ~ Dick Cheney.

Cheney at Obama's 2009 inauguration

Suggested Caption: Obama's on board with the cover-up, now it's time to write my memoirs.

Dick Cheney's recent words of projection speak for themselves ~ " Rarely has a U.S. President been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many. Too many times to count, Mr. Obama has told us he is 'ending' the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ~ as though wishing is made it so." June 17,2014 op-ed with his daughter Liz in the Wall Street Journal.

Now let's review Dick Cheney's fabrications and wishful thinking during the concerted Cheney led effort to sell our illegal war and occupation of Iraq from 2003 to 2005.

"Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction." August 22, 2002

"We believe he has reconstituted nuclear weapons"  March 16, 2003

"My belief is, we  will, in fact be greeted as liberators" March 16, 2003

"In Iraq, a ruthless dictator cultivated weapons of mass destruction and the means to deliver them. He gave support to terrorists, has an established relationship with al Qaeda, and his regime is no more."  Nov 7, 2003

" What we did in Iraq was exactly the right thing to do. If I had it to recommend all over again, I would recommend exactly the same course of action."  Oct 5, 2004

" I think they're in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency" June 20, 2005

Thom Hartmann briefly describes the true cost of the Iraq war ~ "The Iraq War was the single biggest foreign policy disaster in recent - or maybe even all - of American history. It cost the country around $4 trillion dollars, killed hundreds of thousands, if not millions of innocent civilians, left 4,500 Americans dead, and turned what was once one of the more developed countries in the Arab World into a slaughterhouse."

The obvious question is why would Dick Cheney obviously lie and deceive both the public and everyone around himself in both the run up to and aftermath of our illegal occupation of Iraq?

The equally obvious answer is Dick Cheney sees himself as a patriot and was and is still committed to defending the lie of Iraq because if he didn't ~ he would have to defend his and the Bush/Cheney administration's role in the orchestration of the needed Pearl Harbor event or the Bigger lie of 9/11 which led to the attack of Iraq. Cheney's best defense has always been his belief in a strong offense which explains his current blatant denial of the facts regarding Iraq.

And here's the 11 minute YouTube must see documentary of the Cheney, Bush and the PNAC Criminal Conspiracy to invade Iraq which obviously was preceded by the PNAC announced need for a new Pearl Harbor ~ which lo and behold became 9/11 within a year and the now infamous and thoroughly discredited official 9/11 story. See video ~

And finally, in the spirit of this Independence Day ~ here's the world's shortest fireworks display when over 7000 fireworks went off at the same time because of a computer glitch

Mark Twain correctly wrote ~ Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it ~ and our government most certainly does not deserve to be supported when it comes to using a highly suspicious 9/11 attack as a justification for the illegal war and occupation of Iraq.

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism ….and today we sorely need it.
Allen L Roland

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Friday, June 27, 2014


 The center of convergence in a near-death experience

 The very fabric of our present day reality is being torn away by the far greater reality of another state of consciousness that exists beyond death and most certainly beyond ego consciousness and whose principle property is love, altruism and the urge to unite ~ and now it has been apparently scientifically demonstrated as reported by BBC: Allen L Roland, Ph.D

A BBC film suggests the reality of a loving state of soul consciousness ~ that exists beyond time and space but also beneath our deepest fears and most certainly beyond clinical death.

My own after death experience with my mother in 1987 ( see article  ) and my twin brother in 2013 ( see article  ) as well as 40 years of tapping into that all unifying energy as a heart centered counselor and now consultant adds further proof to the existence of this state of soul consciousness that lies beyond time and space.

Also note how virtually all those people who have had a near death experience feel a profound need to be in service and claim their part, however minor, in a loving plan in action.

In August of 2013 I wrote an article entitled The Near and After Death Phenomenon Explained where I featured a video of Dr Eben Alexander being interviewed about his book PROOF OF HEAVEN where he describes a profound all-encompassing world of Love ~ which ties in with my findings. See article ~

I personally accessed this all-encompassing world of love and soul consciousness by completely surrendering to love in 1971, letting go of the relationship and embracing my deep psychic pain but not as a victim and realizing that person was a gift, and then tumbling through a wormhole of deep internal aloneness into a field of love, joy and soul consciousness, and then finding the courage to share what I had experienced with the world ~ and finally utilizing my innate connection with this Unified Field of love and soul consciousness in my work as a transformation counselor and now heart centered spiritual consultant.

Let me share further evidence of this field of love by sharing another dramatic story of a near-death experiencer. In the late 1990's I was interviewed by Jeffrey Schaub of KCBS TV in San Francisco regarding the meaning of the near-death experience. I was asked to comment on the film footage of a near death experiencer named Terry Meyers, who I had never met. After watching the film, I commented that her obvious need to be in service after the experience was very typical and confirmed that she had indeed experienced a state of soul consciousness.

Here's her note to CBS after the show which was forwarded to me :

"Eight years ago I had a spiritual rebirth. A virus literally destroyed my heart in a matter of four days. While at the hospital, when my heart stopped, I had a near-death experience. After coming back to life, I was overwhelmed with an intense feeling of love and joy.

Everything was clear to me ~ my purpose in life and why this happened to me. I fully understood how everything in the universe is evolved around love and my deep need to be part of it ~ and today my desire to help others is driven by this passion!

Dr Allen L Roland's television interview on KCBS validated all the feelings I had experienced like no one else has been able to do. It is as though he had looked into my soul and mind and was speaking my thoughts."

Precisely, for I was sharing my heart felt inner knowledge of the near-death experience and she realized I was telling a profound truth that she had indeed recently experienced ~ and which this video apparently scientifically confirms.

This documentary features in-depth case studies of Near Death Experiences including a dramatic veridical (verifiable accurate) out-of-body experience, the most recent research studies, and balanced interpretations of NDEs from both skeptical and "believer" perspectives ~ virtually everything an inquiring mind would need for an introduction to NDEs and virtually all demonstrating the existence of a loving field of soul consciousness that exists beyond time and space.

This BBC production is one of the best documentaries made about Near Death Experiences and it features many top scientists who have studied NDE's and other related incidents. But please note how close this comes to fully validating my long demonstrated Unified Field of love and soul consciousness that exists not only beyond time and space but also beneath our deepest fears and ego consciousness ~ and whose principle property is the universal urge to unite.

Also be aware that the BBC has refused to replay this documentary, and has stopped it from being sold as a DVD. They don't want to get accused of supporting 'fringe' theories.

54 minute documentary ~ The Day I Died

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”   ~ Mark Twain

Allen L Roland, Ph.D

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Sunday, June 22, 2014


 (Click on Cartoons to enlarge)

Charles Barsotti died this week at 80 years old but his New Yorker cartoons touched myself and millions of others with their wonderful quirky sense of humor and imaginative insights into profound truths which were both delightful and thought provoking. His presence will be sorely missed for his cartoons provided much needed solace in our chaotic ego driven world: Allen L Roland

I love the New Yorker not only for its in depth reporting but also for its staff of excellent cartoonists who seemed to fully capture the themes of our times ~ but my favorite was Charles Barsotti whose simple sketches spoke volumes about the human state we live in and always brought a smile to my face.

 How about this one for truth-seekers ~ which includes myself.



Or this one about our fear driven society ~



The artist in his nest ~ 
Charles Barsotti, a longtime cartoonist for The New Yorker. Credit C. Michael Barsotti

Charles Barsotti was a gentle soul in a dysfunctional world and his cartoons brought a knowing and uplifting humor onto this troubled planet for more than 40 years. He was living his dream for he was a doodler as a child and his parents encouraged him to follow his passion. Almost 1,400 of his cartoons appeared in the New Yorker, and many more were published in The Atlantic, The New York Times and elsewhere and all of them, I am sure, touched a chord as they most certainly have with me.

 He leaves behind his wife, son, four daughters, three grandchildren and a sister but also the profound legacy of knowing that he struck a meaningful chord with many of his readers and brought a smile to countless human beings who were delighted to see the world through Barsotti's insightful childlike eyes.

 Here's my favorite  ~


“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Allen L Roland

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Robin van Persie of the Netherlands scores the team's first goal with a diving header in the first half during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Group B match between Spain and Netherlands at Arena Fonte Nova on June 13, 2014 in Salvador, Brazil. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

There is always a moment in a major sporting event when a spectacular shot or throw captures the true essence of the sport and that moment this year was Robin van Persie's on the fly header which tied the game with Spain and shocked the world with its uninhibited audacity, brilliance and joy and also established Holland as the team to beat in this year's World Cup: Allen L Roland

The flying Dutchman, Robin van Persie, not only electrified the world with his soaring header but he inspired his team and soon the rout was on ~ As Arjen Robben got in gear and brilliantly attacked through the middle ~ Spain’s central defenders, Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique, faltered and last year's champion Spain was thrashed 5 to 1. All of this occurred with striking workers and bloodshed in the streets of Rio as an ongoing reminder of the world wide inequality of our times.

Van Persie's equalizer from the back of Spain's net.


I've always considered myself a citizen of the world so the World Cup every four years gives me the chance to exercise that liberty as a fan with 32 teams throughout the world. But what fully captures me is the joy and exuberance of each countries followers which is unlike any other event in the world ~ as such, the World Cup offers the whole world the chance to celebrate together for one month in the spirit of the true football (soccer).

The current format of the tournament involves 32 teams competing for the title at venues within the host nation (Brazil) over a period of one month ~ this phase is often called the Final Competition.

A qualification phase, the Preliminary Competition currently takes place over the preceding three years, and is used to determine which teams qualify for the tournament together with the host nation ~ which this year is Brazil.

This is truly a world event ~ The FIFA World Cup is the world's most widely viewed sporting event; an estimated 715 million people watched the final match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany and the 2010 event in South Africa was broadcast to 204 countries on 245 different channels. Inside the stadiums, a total of 3,170,856 spectators attended the 64 matches an average of 49,670 per match and the third highest aggregate attendance behind USA 1994 and Germany 2006.

The United States victory over Ghana 2-1 in Group G will be short lived since they still have to face Portugal and defeat a vastly superior Germany ~ which means that Germany will most likely eventually be facing Holland (the Netherlands) in the finals.

To me, this is Holland's year for they have never won the World Cup, although they were the finalists with Spain four years ago, but they are now playing like a team possessed. Watching Argen Robben manipulate the middle with his quickness and guile and strike like a lightning bolt was truly breathtaking along with Persie's speed and desire. See Robben in action ~ One minute video

Persie's header goal however is without a doubt the poster story for this 2014 World Cup and here it is in real time ~ along with Robben and Persie embracing each other while delirious supporters celebrate in the stands ~ One minute Video


“It seems that soccer tournaments create those relationships: people gathered together in pubs and living rooms, a whole country suddenly caring about the same event. A World Cup is the sort of common project that otherwise barely exists in modern societies.”
~ Simon Kuper, Soccernomics: Why England Loses, Why Germany and Brazil Win, and Why the U.S., Japan, Australia, Turkey--and Even Iraq--Are Destined to Become the Kings of the World's Most Popular Sport

Catch the World Cup fever !!

Allen L Roland

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Allen L Roland is also a lecturer and shares a weekly political and social commentary on his web log and website He also guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on