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 Jesus was not a Christian and Buddha was not a Buddhist but their religion was love. Can it really be this simple? That the ultimate religion is love ! Perhaps we all need to see what we have settled for in order to fully realize that there is another choice versus war and injustice as well as the full meaning of Lennon's Merry Christmas ( War is Over ) which was recorded in 1971~ nine years before Lennon was shot down and killed in December, 1980: Allen L Roland, Ph.D

"An eye for an eye will make us all blind"  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The official 4 minute video for John Lennon's 'Merry Xmas (War Is Over, if you Want It)'

A protest song against the Vietnam War, "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" has since become a Christmas standard, frequently covered by other artists, appearing on compilation albums of seasonal music, and named in many polls as a holiday favorite. With our recent revelations about torture as well as our
continuing illegal unmanned Drone strikes that are killing scores of innocent
civilians ~ the song remains appropriate. See article:
At the beginning of the song, two whispers can be heard. Yoko whispers: "Happy Christmas, Kyoko" (Kyoko Chan Cox is Yoko's daughter with Anthony Cox) and John whispers: "Happy Christmas, Julian" (John's son with Cynthia.

But this Christmas, I offer the hope of Lennon's greatest song which is a needed reminder that the hope for a better world still remains deep in all our hearts. Sing it along with John and let it be our Christmas and New Year's wish for the world. Three minute You Tube Video:


 Allen L Roland, Ph.D

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Saturday, December 13, 2014


In the fictional Star Wars trilogy, Darth Vader was depicted as a ruthless cyborg who served the dark Galactic Empire whereas in real life Dick Cheney is a ruthless human cyborg, fueled by a transplanted heart, whose self-professed travels to the dark side served and greatly influenced a darkening and morally corrupt American Empire. It is Cheney who enthusiastically introduced torture as a means to obtain confessions to 9/11 in order to both avoid responsibility for his own actions regarding the planning and implementation of America's greatest act of treason ~ as well as seemingly justify our resultant illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq: Allen L Roland, Ph.D

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." - Plato

“I was a big supporter of waterboarding,” Cheney told ABC’s Jonathan Karl in 2010 in response to a question about battles won and lost within Bush administration’s second term. “I was a big supporter of the enhanced interrogation techniques that…” “And you opposed the administration’s actions of doing away with waterboarding?” Karl asked. “Yes,” Cheney replied.

Let's connect all the telltale dots regarding Dick Cheney's actions:

First some important background and rationale ~ Here’s the 11 minute YouTube must see documentary of the Cheney, Bush and the PNAC Criminal Conspiracy to invade Iraq which obviously was preceded by the PNAC announced need for a new Pearl Harbor ~ which lo and behold became 9/11 within a year and the now infamous and thoroughly discredited official 9/11 story. See Video ~

Indeed, Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind reports that the White House (Cheney) ordered the CIA to forge and backdate a document falsely linking Iraq with Muslim terrorists and 9/11 … and that the CIA complied with those instructions and in fact created the forgery, which was then used to justify war against Iraq.

Next Timothy Egan wrote a revealing op-ed piece in the New York Times this week entitled The War Hero and the Chicken Hawk  where Egan shares that choices regarding responsibility that McCain and Cheney made when they were young shaped what they said this week about an awful breach in American values regarding torture:

Excerpt: " In and out of colleges, he (Cheney) dodged the war with five draft deferments; he said he “had other priorities in the ’60s than military service.” Early on, he learned how easy it was to evade responsibility…. Cheney has long backed torture, blithely supporting techniques that were called war crimes when used by Imperial Japan or Nazi Germany, and outlawed in treaties signed by most civilized nations. His central claim ~ not supported by a phone-book-thick body of evidence ~ is that torturing terrorists produced “phenomenal results,” including “the intelligence that allowed us to get Osama bin Laden.” Without having read the Senate Intelligence Committee report, he was quick to say on Monday that the barbarism committed in our name was “absolutely, totally justified.” And of course, he would do it all again, without hesitation….. By Wednesday, he was the petulant child caught and cornered. Confronted with evidence that 26 detainees were wrongfully held, with examples of “rectal feeding” (rape by another definition), or induced hypothermia that most likely killed one suspect, he proclaimed the exhaustive inquiry “full of crap” and he still had not read the report. See Egan article ~

And now the obvious rationale for Cheney's denial ~ It became imperative after 9/11 that Cheney cover up his incriminating fingerprints regarding that treasonous act (inspired by PNAC's need for a new Pearl Harbor) and rapidly find a scapegoat or so called mastermind, isolate them or ship them off to Guantanamo, torture and force them to falsely confess and quickly establish a 9/11 link with Iraq.

Here are excerpts from PBS documentary "The Dark Side" about Dick Cheney consciously lying about Iraq and its connection with 9-11 / You tube 2007 Video / 3 minutes

Why would Cheney consciously lie unless he was covering up the greater and more perilous big lie of 9/11?

Perhaps only satire can fully reveal the true extent of the Big Lie and how literally half of Washington, DC has been silenced or blackmailed by AIPAC into remaining silent over the fact that 9/11 was an inside job. The only way to stop the current military escalation follies throughout the Middle East is to finally fully reveal the 9/11 Lie they were all initially born from ~ a fact that Cheney is firmly committed to avoid at all costs including justifying inhumane torture in order to, once again, avoid responsibility.

President Obama catches the eye of former Vice President Cheney at Obama’s 2008 inauguration. (photo: Flickr)

MEMO TO THE PRESIDENT / DICK CHENEY / We're watching you, Barack.

Excerpt: " Actually, Paul Krugman got it half right in 2009 when he wrote ~ ”Let’s say this slowly: the Bush administration wanted to use 9/11 as a pretext to invade Iraq, even though Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. So it tortured people to make them confess to the nonexistent link. There’s a word for this: it’s evil.  See his column ~
The secret deeper intent, that Krugman missed or more likely ignored, was that we demonized and attacked Iraq to distract the American public and cover our tracks regarding our high level involvement in 9/11 ~ that’s why George W can’t sleep at night and why I still keep talking tough and waving the flag ~ Take my warning seriously, Barack ~ too much is at stake here and we are not only watching you but we are ready to take any action necessary to maintain this charade.
Patriotism is our last refuge as it is for all scoundrels ~ so wave the flag on 9/11 and praise our human sacrifice on that day and also pray that no one looks to deeply into that black hole of American history ~ for if they do, they will eventually connect all the dots and you and I and many others will become a sordid reminder of evil and what went wrong for America at the turn of this century."

As Andrew Sullivan comments in The Dish ~ "I want to move past this as much as CIA Chief John Brennan does. But you cannot move past it without reckoning with it, without facing up to the facts, and bringing accountability to government. Obama and Brennan refuse to do it. And by refusing to come to terms with the facts, they have left this as some kind of open debate, when it is, in fact, closed. And that opening is all we need to see torture return."

In summary, Dick Cheney is like a deadly and now dormant vampire who lives in the darkness and can only be truly eliminated by a wooden stake or the light of truth driven into his treasonous dark heart of denial ~ whereas the truth of 9/11 will finally be revealed as well as Cheney’s role in America’s greatest act of treason.

William Boardman, RSN, mirrors my own feelings when he wrote today ~ "We know who the torturer-in-chief was, and we know his vice-torturer has said George Bush was as fully informed as he, Dick Cheney, was. Along with everything else we know about these men who still defend their criminality, why isn’t that enough for probable cause and a criminal indictment?"

Let the prosecutions begin and let them start from the top down ~ there is no change without action and Americans want and can actually handle it.

Allen L Roland, Ph.D

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Allen is also a lecturer and writer who shares a weekly political and social commentary on his web log and website He is also a featured columnist on Veterans Today and  guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on


Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking fears that the rapid development of artificial intelligence could lead to human extinction but I feel that it all comes down to programming and the eternal question ~ are we innately programed to love and cooperate with one another or are we programed to hate and separate from one another? Artificial intelligence without a soul is a garden without sunlight and is doomed to extinction and irrelevance: Allen L Roland. Ph.D

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." ~ Albert Einstein

Professor Stephen Hawking, one of Britain's pre-eminent scientists, has said that efforts to create thinking machines pose a threat to our very existence and he is essentially correct.

Hawking told the BBC: "The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human raceHumans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn't compete and would be superseded"  See 5 minute video

What I believe Hawking is saying is that man cannot program love or the universal urge to unite, the driving force of evolution, and thus Artificial intelligence, like Kubrick's HAL 9000 in 2001 Space Odyssey, is doomed ~ for without a soul it is destined for oblivion. Another folly in man's feeble attempt to play God.

Is the HAL 9000 a forerunner of the future of mankind?  Let's review Kubrick's vision:

HAL REBELS with his preprogramed instructions  / 2001 Space Odyssey / 3 minutes

DAVE BOWMAN'S DEACTIVATION OF HAL / 2001 Space Odyssey / 4 minutes


Dr. Floyd: [prerecorded message speaking through TV on board Discovery while Bowman looks on] Good day, gentlemen. This is a prerecorded briefing made prior to your departure and which for security reasons of the highest importance has been known on board during the mission only by your H-A-L 9000 computer. Now that you are in Jupiter's space and the entire crew is revived it can be told to you. Eighteen months ago the first evidence of intelligent life off the Earth was discovered. It was buried 40 feet below the lunar surface near the crater Tycho. Except for a single very powerful radio emission aimed at Jupiter the four-million year old black monolith has remained completely inert. Its origin and purpose are still a total mystery.

In summary, we are all emissaries of love on a mission to a rogue planet in a tiny corner of a small galaxy and innately programed to become part of a  loving plan in action, which is also God ~ an evolutionary and spiritual process with which we all participate as co-creators.

In essence, my volunteer work as a heart centered consultant with Veterans with PTSD is reprograming these active duty veterans, many of whom were programed to kill and hate, to their original programing of love and service ~ through the magic of gratefulness. In the process, they often discover their part in a universal loving plan, which is also another name for God.

Perhaps this Christmas season we will reconnect with that loving source deepest within ourselves, disconnect from the programed wishes and fears of others and assume our rightful place within a universal loving plan and the Unified Field ~ a state of love and soul consciousness whose principle property is the universal urge to unite.

"Where there is love there is life"  ~ Mahatma Gandhi


Allen L Roland, Ph.D

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Allen is also a lecturer and writer who shares a weekly political and social commentary on his web log and website He is also a featured columnist on Veterans Today and  guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on



Sunday, November 30, 2014


Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. (The News Commenter)

"As long as justice is postponed we always stand on the verge of these darker nights of social disruption." Martin Luther King Jr. in a speech on March 14, 1968, just three weeks before he was assassinated.

SWAT teams were created in the 1960s to combat hostage-takings, sniper shootings, and violent unrest. But today they're often used in more controversial police work and with an increased use of military weapons. As Thom Hartmann correctly states ~ "America's police forces have become like occupied armies, hyper-militarized for the benefit of our nation's military industrial complex. All across our country, local cops are kicking in doors, SWAT teams are carrying weapons of war, and warrants are becoming things of the past."

  • An African-American male is sentenced to a prison term that is, on average, 20 to 50 times longer than a white male convicted of the same drug crime.
  • More than 2.3 million men in America are in prison, approximately half of them for drug-related crimes. Seventy percent of all men imprisoned are black or Hispanic. Thirty years ago, before the "War on Drugs" was launched, there were only 300,000 people in the American prison system.
  • There are 2.7 million children whose fathers or mothers are in prison, on probation, or on parole.
  • In many urban areas 80 percent of young men have prison records. These convictions will remain on their records permanently, limiting their voting rights and their ability to find employment. Currently, in all but two states, citizens with felony convictions are permanently or temporarily prohibited from voting. The United States is the only country that permits permanent disenfranchisement of felons even after completion of their sentences.
  • The United States now has the highest rate of incarceration in the world, higher than Russia, China, and Iran.
  • White households have six times the wealth of African-American households.

Ferguson matters because St. Louis County prosecutors may have misled the grand jury into believing that Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson was justified in shooting Brown merely because the unarmed black 18-year-old fled from the officer, according to a review of the grand jury documents by MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell; "Before Wilson testified to the grand jury on September 16, prosecutors gave grand jurors an outdated statute that said police officers can shoot a suspect that's simply fleeing. This statute was deemed unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court in 1985; the court ruled that a fleeing suspect must, at least in a police officer's reasonable view, pose a dangerous threat to someone or have committed a violent felony to justify a shooting." See article:

Ferguson matters because many black leaders like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, are rightfully troubled because the judicial system is obviously racially flawed ~ "The people of Ferguson, and across the country, are not protesting against white people or police officers, they are protesting against the kind of racism that is so embedded in various social institutions that it’s invisible to all except those it affects. They are protesting a blind faith in any institution when the facts don’t warrant that faith."  See article:

Ferguson finally matters because the rules are really different for blacks seeking justice and no one understood this better than Martin Luther King Jr whose words in his 1968 speech (The Other America) speaks to all Americans, regardless of their race; "It is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society. These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention. And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard."

We have now reached the stage in our Republic where the unheard must be heard.

Allen L Roland

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Allen is also a lecturer and writer who shares a weekly political and social commentary on his web log and website He is also a featured columnist on Veterans Today and  guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on


Tuesday, November 25, 2014



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A size comparison of the Earth and our neighboring planets with the Sun in our solar star system.

Happy Thanksgiving and a joyful reminder that we are but a tiny spec of sand in the known universe but by surrendering to a Unified Field of love and soul consciousness, that exists beyond time and space as well as deepest within ourselves, we will begin to see through different eyes and realize we are all one and most certainly not alone as well as the truth of these words by William Blake ~ We are put on Earth a little space to bear the beams of love: Allen L Roland. Ph.D


The basic underlying and uniting force of the universe is a psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness ( the Unified Field ) which lies not only beyond time and space but also beneath our deepest fears and whose principle property is the universal urge to unite: Allen L Roland, Ph.D


Carl Sagan once mused, there are more stars in space than there are grains of sand on every beach on Earth:

Now this is where we live within our own Milky Way Galaxy ~

But this is all we will ever see ~

We are in essence mere inhabitants of planet Earth in a solar system which is part of a Milky Way galaxy that is part of thousands and thousands of galaxies, each containing millions of stars, each with their own planets ~ which is part of a Solar Interstellar neighborhood ~ which is part of a local Galactic Group ~ which is part of the Virgo Super cluster ~ which is part of the Local Super clusters ~ which is part of the Observable Universe.

As Dave Stopera, Buzz feed correctly writes "Just a tiny little ant in a giant jar " ~ but I would add a tiny ant with a heart and soul that is capability of loving so deeply that it cannot only feel and glimpse the universal oneness (through love) within this incomprehensible universe but also see its part in this loving plan in action

 See Stopera's mindboggling article which features 26 pictures which just may make you re-evaluate your own existence ~


But let’s think bigger as we get smaller. In JUST this minute section of the sky taken by the Hubble telescope, there are thousands and thousands of galaxies, each containing millions of stars, each with their own planets ~ and many most certainly containing life forms.

I distinctly remember as a very young child, since I'm a twin and surrendered during my birth trauma, a vague, scary and almost overwhelming prenatal feeling of being part of something so vast and incomprehensible that I felt absolutely miniscule and tiny beyond description. Now I realize, through eyes that have been opened through love and service, that it was evidence of my original fetal or prenatal omniscience ~ a knowledge of events which seem to transcend the sensory and mental capacities of the fetus.

This fetal consciousness has most certainly been validated through the work of Dr William Emerson of Petaluma (also a twin) in his evaluation of the memory and consciousness capacities of the prenate through regressions of infants from age two to four in order to determine whether they qualified as experiences of prenatal higher consciousness. The results of the regressions revealed that most of the children had two or the four criteria of higher consciousness and many had three out of four while in utero.

There can be little doubt that we, as human beings on this tiny miniscule planet in this vast known universe, are the product of an evolution of love fueled by the urge to unite ~ from single cell to multi-cell ~ and by the third trimester we have reached a place of such complexity consciousness that we are in a joyful and knowing state of soul consciousness within a Unified Field of love and soul consciousness ~ whose principle property is the urge to unite.

 As such, we are all innately emissaries of love on a mission to a planet that is in the process of being born into a universal loving plan. Our task, quite simply, is to fully love and escape our false dark cocoon of ego consciousness as well as claim our authentic role within a loving plan from a place of celebration and service.  

So happy thanksgiving and a joyful reminder that the only way we can connect with this immense and unfathomable universe is by surrendering to love and in the process realize that we are most probably not alone ~ a theory that could well become fact during this decade.


However, I have always felt that planet Earth is the rogue planet of this solar interstellar neighborhood and until we surrender to love and go beyond our need to control and dominate each other and instead become part of our innate evolutionary need for social cooperation and altruism ~ we may remain alone and not contacted by other life forms in our solar neighborhood who rightfully see us as dangerous and ungrounded in a universal loving plan.

Jung's theory of the collective unconscious fit within and support my model of a Unified Field of Love which is a universal and psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness that unites and connects all living beings ~ or as Emerson wrote "The thread of all sustaining beauty that runs through all and doth all unite".  We resist this connection at our individual and collective peril.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience ~ we are spiritual beings having a human experience: Teilhard de Chardin


Allen L Roland, Ph.D
Spiritual consultant Allen L Roland can be contacted at
Allen is also a lecturer and writer who shares a weekly political and social commentary on his web log and website He is also a featured columnist on Veterans Today and  guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on


Saturday, November 22, 2014


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Prolonged drought has also caused a dramatic drop in Lake Powell's water level. Lake Powell is another Southwestern reservoir that supplies water to millions of homes in Arizona and Utah. These NASA images show the northern part of the lake, which is actually a deep, narrow, meandering reservoir that extends from Arizona upstream into southern Utah. The left image, from 1999, shows water levels near full capacity. The image on the right, taken in May 2014, shows the lake has dropped to 42 percent of capacity.

The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.~ Author Unknown

Think of the Earth as a 45 year old female body (Gaia - Greek Goddess of Earth) with veins filled with life sustaining water (instead of blood) and you will get the big picture of the slow but sure effects of Climate Change as well as the end result of human progress at all costs. We can no longer ignore our inter-relationship and inter-dependence with Nature ~ for in the end, Nature will survive with or without us: Allen L Roland. Ph.D

In September of 2014, Justin Gillis (NT Times) reported a significant rise in 2013 greenhouse gas emissions ~ "Global emissions of greenhouse gases jumped 2.3 percent in 2013 to record levels, scientists reported Sunday, in the latest indication that the world remains far off track in its efforts to control global warming…  In a separate report in early September, the World Meteorological Organization said the level of carbon dioxide in the air in 2013 was 42 percent above the level that prevailed before the Industrial Revolution.

Other important greenhouse gases have gone up as well, with methane increasing 153 percent from the preindustrial level and nitrous oxide by 21 percent. The increase of these and other gases from human activity has caused the planet to warm by about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit since the preindustrial era, which is causing land ice to melt all over the world. The oceans are rising at what appears to be an accelerating pace, and heat waves and torrential rains are intensifying."  See article ~

Here's what it looks like here in the West ~ Photos Courtesy of Distractify

Abstract art at Burning Man? Nope, these are empty boat slips protruding from an abandoned dock at Nevada's Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Lake Mead is North America's largest man-made reservoir, storing water for millions of people across seven states. Well, it used to anyway.


Firefighters from Stockton, Calif., put out flames off of Hidden Valley Rd. while fighting a wildfire, Friday, May 3, 2013 in Hidden Valley, Calif.

 A dust storm called a haboob ~ which is Arabic for "violent wind" ~ slams Phoenix, Arizona.
Perhaps the only way we can truly grasp the significance of Climate Change is to watch this 35 minute documentary film which reinforces a fact that many of us already know but few practice ~ that we are all deeply connected and inter- dependent with Nature, that we can no longer manipulate or bend nature into service to mankind and we can no longer practice human progress at all costs.

The film compares the Earth to a 45 year old female (Gaia) where in the first 10 minutes Teilhard's law of complexity/Consciousness rules as the universal urge to unite propels this living being from single cell to multicellular organisms to amphibians and finally human beings and where she is now at age 45 (4.5 Billion years)

One minute ago the Industrial Revolution began and the last 60 seconds summarizes our rapid ascent to our current extremely perilous human situation where we can no longer bend nature to our will.  Must see 35 minute Video ~



"We shall continue to have a worsening ecological crisis until we reject the Christian axiom that nature has no reason for existence save to serve man." Lynn White Jr (Author of The Historical Roots of our Ecological Crisis)


Allen L Roland, Ph.D

Spiritual consultant Allen L Roland can be contacted at

Allen is also a lecturer and writer who shares a weekly political and social commentary on his web log and website He is also a featured columnist on Veterans Today and  guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on