Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Israeli and Palestinian children being taught to dance together in Jaffa, Israel and in the process learning to co-exist in cooperation, admiration and mutual respect.

 Dancing with the Enemy may just be the long term solution to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict for it is the children who will eventually get fed up and impatient with their parents dogmas and prejudices and lead their parents out of the dark prison of fear, occupation and apartheid towards the light of freedom, social cooperation and altruism ~ and in the process break down the Separation Wall of mutual hatred and distrust: Allen L Roland, Ph.D

"Remember love. The only hope for any of us is peace. Violence begets violence. If you want to get peace, you can get it as soon as you like if we all pull together: Get out there and get peace. Think peace, live peace, and breathe peace and you'll get it as soon as you like, Okay "

John Lennon to the press in July 1969 after the release of the Plastic Ono Band's single "Give Peace a Chance", as quoted in The Beatles : An Oral History by David Pritchard and Alan Lysaght (1998), p. 285

Separation Barrier being built by Israelis in Jerusalem 2007

 "Shall we dance" ~ nervously spoken from a shy Palestinian boy to an equally nervous young Israeli girl, is breaking down fear based separation walls that have existed in the Middle East for decades. Renowned ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine returned to Jaffa to fulfill his lifelong dream of teaching dance to Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli children and the results were both amazing and illuminating.

Another indication that children will eventually get tired of being conditioned by their parents prejudices and beliefs and fully surrender to their evolutionary tendency to unite and cooperate with each other and inspire an older generation, including myself, in this universal movement towards love, peace and social cooperation ~ which just so happen to be the driving forces of evolution.

It appears that humanitarian cracks are already appearing within the Israeli military's iron rule over the Palestinians ~ Forty-three veterans of one of Israel’s most secretive military intelligence units ~ many of them still active reservists ~ have signed a public letter refusing to serve in operations involving the occupied Palestinian territories because of the widespread surveillance of innocent residents.

The signatories include officers, former instructors and senior NCOs from the country’s equivalent of America’s NSA or Britain’s GCHQ, known as Unit 8200 ~ or in Hebrew as Yehida Shmoneh-Matayim. See article ~ http://readersupportednews.org/news-section2/318-66/25844-israeli-vets-refuse-to-serve-in-palestinian-territories

Now, let's watch those Palestinian and Israeli children Dancing with the Enemy in Jaffa and in the process going beneath their animosities and distrust and finding instead commonality, friendship, cooperation and mutual respect. See 5 minute YouTube video

Why do many of my former clients after finding the child within themselves feel a need to be in service from a place of love and soul consciousness? Because deepest within each one of us is the urge to unite and cooperate with each other and not the need to control and destroy ~ and that includes combat veterans with PTSD whose only option, after service,  is often medication.

I see this phenomenon every day as a heart centered consultant with therapists or clients, veterans or non-veterans, helping them confront their childhood fears of love and connection and realize that those fears are mainly illusions and yet still controlling their lives. For example, see Marina overcoming and growing through her illusionary fear of aloneness and of being voiceless and embracing the joy beneath ~ YouTube session 5 ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r12MoNnwPKg&feature=youtu.be

I also chose to show session #5 because Marina explains in the first 15 minutes how she was seemingly cloaked in fear after the session ~ where she met her emotionally trapped child within ~ afraid to be real and she completely surrendered to the fear when she went to bed, deeply cried and woke up in the morning completely alive and seeing through different eyes ~ much like Scrooge in the Christmas Carol waking up on Christmas morning and seeing through different eyes. As she explained, it was almost as if  the authentic child within her said ~ "Marina, you must first feel my fear and accept my pain in order to get to my deeper joy, intention, purpose and celebration."

The pull of the Unified Field of love and soul consciousness, deepest within us all, is like a soul magnet and once acknowledged and activated through gratefulness ~ incidents and events accelerate the transmutation process until true transformation finally occurs ~ the butterfly  emerges from its cocoon into another world of consciousness, cemented in altruism, social cooperation and the need to be in service.


Colonel Bart Billings is a military psychologist (retired after 34 years of military service) who started the first U.S. annual conference on Combat Stress more than 25 years ago. In all his years of practice with military and Vets diagnosed "PTSD" he has never once had to prescribe a mind-altering psychiatric drug and says the term PTSD is not a "mental illness" but simply a normal reaction to an abnormal event, or circumstances (combat/war) and that drugging our troops is not the solution.

Once you medicate, you all but terminate true integrative healing. Billings says that from 2005 to 2011, there has been a 700% increase in the use of medication in the service with a corresponding increase in suicides. Here's a recent video of Billings published on February 10, 2014. Eight minute YouTube video ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F02HElsg8uI&list=PL79E9D68C92C00DAC&index=17

In an article I wrote last year entitled THE UNSAID ISSUE BEHIND VETERANS RISING SUICIDE RATE IS SHAME BASED GUILT, I share that recent studies appear to demonstrate that we pay a heavy price for killing and hating versus loving and cooperating with others. See article ~ http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/05/23/unsaid-issue-behind-veterans-rising-suicide-rate-is-shame-based-guilt/

A new SFVA study strongly suggests that soldiers who experience killing experiences are twice as likely to attempt suicide ~ which strongly supports the reality of soul damage as a contributing factor for the rising rate of veteran’s suicide as well as the obvious need for a proven heart centered approach toward veteran rehabilitation. And get this, the Defense Department have found that pilots of drone aircraft, experiencing killing experiences, also experience mental health problems like depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder at the same rate as pilots of manned aircraft.

This important April 13, 2012 research study abstract was entitled ~ KILLING IN COMBAT MAY BE INDEPENDENTLY ASSOCIATED WITH SUICIDAL IDEATION ~ and the SFVA released the following abstract:

The United States military has lost more troops to suicide than to combat for the second year in a row and better understanding combat-related risk factors for suicide is critical. We examined the association of killing and suicide among war veterans after accounting for PTSD, depression, and substance use disorders.

We utilized a cross-sectional, retrospective, nationally representative sample of Vietnam veterans from the National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study (NVVRS). In order to perform a more in depth analysis, we utilized a subsample of these data, the NVVRS Clinical Interview Sample (CIS), which is representative of 1.3 million veterans who were eligible for the clinical interview by virtue of living in proximity to an interview site, located within 28 standard metropolitan regions throughout the United States.

Veterans who had higher killing experiences had twice the odds of suicidal ideation, compared to those with lower or no killing experiences, and substance use disorders were each associated with higher odds of suicidal ideation. Endorsement of suicide attempts was most strongly associated with PTSD.

Killing experiences are not routinely examined when assessing suicide risk. Our findings have important implications for conducting suicide risk assessments in veterans of war. See Report:

These findings offer even more justification for heart centered workshops for combat veterans as well as other heart centered counseling. We’re talking about soul damage here and only a heart centered intervention can effectively treat that psychic despondency ~ as I have consistently demonstrated with combat veterans who have virtually all participated in killing experiences.

I have long felt and have now proved that PTSD is quite often Post Traumatic Heart Disorder for a common symptom of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is the inability to give or receive love ~ which can obviously apply to non-veterans who have also suffered significant loss

You don’t need to see a therapist to understand this phenomenon, you don’t need to attend a workshop to see this magic in action ~ all you need to do is see and understand your life as a quest, versus a struggle, to realize that not only are we all loved but that we are all part of a loving plan in action and gratefulness is the key to this magic kingdom ~ God only reveals itself to a grateful heart. See my Article on the power of love ~ http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/02/04/only-love-truly-heals/

We must eventually learn to dance with our enemies ~ for the Palestinian and Israeli children are telling us that our innate bonds of love, commonality and friendship are far greater than our need to destroy and hurt each other.

Allen L Roland

Freelance Alternative Press Online columnist and heart centered spiritual counselor Allen L Roland is available for comments, interviews, speaking engagements and private Skype consultations at allen@allenroland.com

Allen L Roland is also a lecturer and shares a weekly political and social commentary on his web log and website allenroland.com He also guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on www.conscioustalk.net


Thursday, September 11, 2014


World Trade Center Photos by Konstanton Petrov / June 2001

Gray spheres rising into the morning mist
A ghostly ship of commerce remembered only in
nightmares and dated photographs.

What tragedy awaits your stately columns.

What evil already infects your cluttered offices,


Your polished restrooms


And your stately dining rooms


You were a bird of prey awaiting your fate
Chattel in the minds of evil men who had already engineered your death
and prepositioned the charges that would bring you down.

You were a symbol of commerce,
of exceptionalism
of extravagance and, like all man's monuments to greed,
doomed to eventually return to dust.

You had no idea that your proud enduring symbol of success would soon achieve far greater prominance as an exploding and cascading cloud of asbestos, cement, steel and flailing human bodies ~
indelibly offering you on the altar of man's inhumanity to man ~ a testament to avarice and ambition in the name of progress.

You were nothing but roadkill or collateral damage in the eyes of evil white men
who used your destruction to fuel more wars and destruction to
fullfill their world wide plans of western dominance and economic control ~
which continue today against an enemy that the West itself created.

There was no Independent investigation of your destruction,

There was no crime scene

There was no gathering of criminal evidence

There was no criminal charges

There was only a well orchestrated cover up from day one
envolving  people in the highest levels of government
and all conducted under the suffocating blanket of
National Security.

Your shrouded towers in the morning mist
have become dust.  

Your true perpetrators remain free.

And the American people still remain oblivious
of the true story of your ignominious destruction
along with 3000
innocent dead human beings ~
all considered collateral damage in
America's constant quest of Empire.

Rest in Peace

Allen L Roland

Freelance Alternative Press Online columnist and heart centered spiritual counselor Allen L Roland is available for comments, interviews, speaking engagements and private Skype consultations at allen@allenroland.com

Allen L Roland is also a lecturer and shares a weekly political and social commentary on his web log and website allenroland.com He also guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on www.conscioustalk.net


Friday, September 5, 2014


President Obama catches the eye of former Vice President Dick Cheney at Obama's 2008 inauguration. (photo: Flickr)
As we approach the 13th Anniversary of America's greatest act of treason, perhaps only satire can fully reveal the true extent of the Big Lie and how literally half of Washington, DC has been silenced or blackmailed by AIPAC into remaining silent over the fact that 9/11 was an inside job. The only way to stop the current military escalation follies throughout the Middle East is to finally fully reveal the 9/11 Lie they were all initially born from: Allen L Roland, Ph.D

"All that is left of America is banality and self-delusion."   Noam Chomsky 

From Dick Cheney / Citizen at large

 Dear Mr. president, 

 As we approach the 13th Anniversary of 9/11 ~ it becomes increasingly important that I remind you of your promise to us, before you were sworn in to the presidency, to not allow any investigations or revelations to come to the surface regarding 9/11 ~ at the risk of breaking our trust and our continued support of the ongoing 9/11 cover-up.

 We're watching you closely, Barack and I'm becoming increasingly uneasy by recent revelations which may indicate that your support and pledge regarding this massive cover-up may be wavering ~ particularly since your presidency will soon be coming to an end and the continued human rights pressure to close Guantanamo.

As George and I told you (obviously behind closed doors and inquisitive ears) we're all in this together and one unreliable high level official link brings this whole criminal endeavor crashing down on all of us, including yourself, and eventually will lead to public humiliation, trial and jail.

Once again, the American public will never forgive all of us who were involved in this false flag operation but particularly those in authority who knew of this national betrayal and never exposed this treasonous act ~ and now that also means you, Barack.

Of course, I have taken great pains to cover my tracks on this endeavor either by rendition, torture or indefinite imprisonment at Guantanamo ~ but my tracks are not indelible which is the reason for this confidential note and reminder. Of course, my firm Halliburton, made $30.5 billion as a result of no-bid contracts, gross overcharging and worker exploitation during the invasion of Iraq but that's the way the game was played in Iraq (chuckle)

However, It has recently come to my attention that organizations like Veterans Today have stumbled across my fingerprints on our secret plan to steal American Nukes ~ specifically W-54's ~ which of course were eventually used in the 9/11 false flag operation. This is hitting very close to home and must be sidetracked immediately or we're in deep doo-doo !

Here's the VT report that also also mentions my name which concerns me greatly  ~

VT: "Our IAEA sources reports: The W-54 warhead has a large, high quality oblong plutonium pit.  400 of these weapons were made for use in nuclear artillery and other weapons with design variations allowing vastly different output from the same basic design. The W-54's were placed in military cold storage after 1986 and they were retired in 1993 by Bush 41. They were then written off the books during the Clinton era 1994-2000 and allegedly disposed of by converting them into MOX (multiple oxide as used in Fukushima) fuel at the Savanna River complex. The Savanna River recycling plant had and still has serious security and safety concerns for decades.

‘Someone’ or ‘some people’ at a very high level simply did a paper work switch and shipped the non-destroyed pits out the back door. The thefts started under Clinton and ended under Bush2. Cheney controlling it under Bush 1 and 2. Richardson ( a "rabid  Zionist") at DOE under Clinton." See report ~ http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/08/27/376708/iaea-us-not-iran-the-problem/

How did VT get access to that secret report and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the only high level person capable of making that paper switch decision was me which makes me even more nervous ~ which I don't need now with my brand new heart.

Get on this, Barack ~ before it gets completely out of hand !

When I say we're watching you ~ that is not a passive statement  for no one is indispensable in this cover up (as you already know) and we will move deadly fast, as we have before, if we feel our trust has been betrayed.

Our whole Way of Life (as Tony Blair is so fond of saying) is at risk and you don't want to be the person responsible for bringing down that house of cards or should I say Potemkin Village (chuckle).

Remember, Barack ~ as I have publicly said many times, you have to give up your liberties to keep your freedom and you should be maintaining that mantra with the American public before they wise up and bring us all down ~ note I said us, Barack ~ we are all in this together ~ you can't pin it all eventually on my administration, Oops, I mean George W's ~ who still doesn't realize that he was a pawn in our PNAC grand world scheme. (He still won't return my calls and is now evidently writing poetry along with his crude water colors, God awful but I digress)

One other thing, Barack ~ it appears the public is closing in on the far more specific 9/11 investigative report, the one issued by the intelligence committees of both houses of Congress, entitled "Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001." Those infamous blacked out 28 pages were assumed to relate to our well known Saudi connections but some pesky reporters like Justin Raimondo made the correct assumption that those missing pages verified Israeli complicity in 9/11~ which of course would eventually lead to my role in that operation.

And that loose cannon Bibi almost let the cat out of the bag while speaking to a conference at Bar Ilan University in 2008, which was very direct as to Israeli involvement. As reported by Israeli news outlets Ha’aretz and Ma’ariv: “’We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq,’ He reportedly added that these events ‘swung American public opinion in our favor.’”   See report ~ http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article39536.htm#.VAHtR5yEg4Y.email

I repeat, Barack, the release of those 28 pages cannot be allowed to happen ~ so far we have kept a lid on this through AIPAC pressure but with the upcoming 13th 9/11 anniversary looming within a week, you must consider this an emergency!

If the public fully knew of our connection with the Zionists regarding the planning, execution and cover-up of 9/11, my goose would be cooked but so would yours, my friend. ( Yes, my friend, since both of us know and are aware of things that could destroy the presidency ~ we are reluctantly joined in our common effort to maintain the status quo at all costs ) George W also knows this and it has driven him into seclusion ~ if not senility. (chuckle)


Bush hugging President Obama in gratefulness at 2008 inauguration ( Please protect me,  Barack )

Actually, Krugman got it half right in 2009 when he wrote ~ " Let’s say this slowly: the Bush administration wanted to use 9/11 as a pretext to invade Iraq, even though Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. So it tortured people to make them confess to the nonexistent link. There’s a word for this: it’s evil."  See his column ~ http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/04/22/grand-unified-scandal/#comment-171725
The secret deeper intent, that Krugman missed or more likely ignored, was that we demonized and attacked Iraq to distract the American public and cover our tracks regarding our high level involvement in 9/11 ~ that's why George W can't sleep at night and why I still keep talking tough and waving the flag ~ Take my warning seriously, Barack ~ too much is at stake here and we are not only watching you but we are ready to take any action necessary to maintain this charade.

Lastly, a good offense is the best defense for our 9/11 skullduggery, keep talking about bombing Syria, War with ISIS and demonizing Russia ( even though that's all another lie ) ~ in other words keep pressing the FEAR button ~ it worked with 9/11 and that's why Guantanamo is still open for business but closed for human rights inspection. As I said on Fox in 2009 ~ The important thing to understand here is that the people that are at Guantanamo are bad people. I mean, these are terrorists for the most part ~ even though we have never proved it ~ ( chuckle and sneer ).

The American public can be controlled by fear and the last thing it needs to hear is the TRUTH about 9/11. As long as there's the general perception that the real 9/11 conspirators are in Guantanamo we're home free ~ but if those 28 pages are released to the public our unholy alliance with the Zionists regarding 9/11 will open up Pandora's Box and our ass is grass ~ Do I make myself clear ?

 Patriotism is our last refuge as it is for all scoundrels ~ so wave the flag on 9/11 and praise our human sacrifice on that day and also pray that no one looks to deeply into that black hole of American history ~ for if they do, they will eventually connect all the dots and you and I and many others will become a sordid reminder of evil and what went wrong for America at the turn of this century.

Shred this immediately after reading.

Angler ( my CIA code name which still seems somewhat appropriate )

Allen L Roland, Ph.D

Freelance Alternative Press Online columnist and heart centered spiritual counselor Allen L Roland is available for comments, interviews, speaking engagements and private Skype consultations at allen@allenroland.com

Allen L Roland is also a lecturer and shares a weekly political and social commentary on his web log and website allenroland.com He also guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on www.conscioustalk.net


Wednesday, August 27, 2014


 American military forces participating in Nevada Atomic testing

From 1951 to 1970 the United States Government conducted over 1100 Atomic tests in Nevada whose radiation fallout has resulted in over 200,000 deaths throughout the country ~ instant karma for the over 200,000 deaths from the Atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 and now Fukushima is slowly radiating the West Coast. In less than 70 years, Karmic law has once again asserted that those who ride the forces of evil will eventually be crushed by the very same forces: Allen L Roland, Ph.D

I was only 11 years old when The United States dropped the first Atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. I remember the moment well for I was sitting across the street at the Thompson Club, Nahant waiting for my twin brother to join me to play baseball. Suddenly I felt an immense sense of collective loss ~ and then a short time later my twin brother came running from across the street telling me that we had dropped an Atomic bomb on Japan. Even at that young age, I somehow sensed we had released an evil powerful genie that could eventually destroy ourselves and the planet.

Power corrupts, absolute atomic power absolutely morally corrupts, particularly when it is in the hands of the Military/Industrial complex with the power to control and destroy the world ~ whereas human life eventually becomes collateral damage as it did with the Atomic testing during the sixties in Nevada.

 The extent of the Nevada testing most probably included the development of the Davy Crockett tactical nuclear warheads which have been linked to many false flag events including 9/11. See VT Article http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/08/27/376708/iaea-us-not-iran-the-problem/

Here's a chart of the radiation fallout pattern from the Nevada testing ~ please note that it extends well across the country while compensation is only being offered to a few states bordering Nevada.

As Wikipedia reports ~  Downwinders refers to individuals and communities who are exposed to radioactive contamination or nuclear fallout from atmospheric or underground nuclear weapons testing, and nuclear accidents. Currently, this article focuses on incidents in the United States, or caused by its weapons testing.

The impact of nuclear contamination on an individual is generally estimated as the result of the dose of radiation received and the duration of exposure, using the Linear No-Threshold Model (LNT). The hypothesis was adopted for regulatory purposes about 65 years ago and has no scientific evidence to support its validity in the years since then. It is vehemently rejected by the health and epidemiological communities in the face of abundant data refuting its validity. Sex, age, race, culture, occupation, class, location, and simultaneous exposure to additional environmental toxins are also significant, but often overlooked, factors that contribute to the health effects on a particular "downwind" community

Here's some color film footage of atomic bomb tests in Nevada - especially the downwinders as well as hundreds of soldiers being exposed to high levels of radiation. 5 minute video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srbMbqlLsxo

The United States Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) is a federal statute providing for the monetary compensation of people, including atomic veterans, who contracted cancer and a number of other specified diseases as a direct result of their exposure to atmospheric nuclear testing undertaken by the United States during the Cold War, or their exposure to high levels of radon while doing uranium mining. The 1990 act provided the following remunerations:

  • $50,000 to individuals residing or working "downwind" of the Nevada Test Site
  • $75,000 for workers participating in atmospheric nuclear weapons tests
  • $100,000 for uranium miners, millers, and ore transporters

In all cases there are additional requirements which must be satisfied (proof of exposure, establishment of duration of employment, establishment of certain medical conditions, etc.).

In some cases, however, it was extremely difficult for people to receive their compensation, especially in the case of the widows of uranium miners. Because many uranium miners were Native Americans, they did not have standard marriage licenses required to establish a legal connection to the deceased. In 1999, revisions were published in the Federal Register to assist in making award claims. See Down winders article

On April 18, 2013, H.R. 1645: The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act Amendments of 2013 was introduced in Congress and promptly referred to committee with virtually zero chance of being enacted. There have currently been no votes related to this bill ~ https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/hr1645

The yellow states on this RECA chart are still virtually uncompensated for their exposure to radiation from over 1100 Atomic tests due to Congressional inaction or lack of public outcry. In 1980, People magazine revealed some consequences of continental nuclear testing for American citizens. The magazine disclosed that of some 220 cast and crew who filmed a 1956 film, The Conqueror, on location near St. George, Utah, (over 120 miles from Atomic test sites) ninety-one had come down with cancer, with an unheard of 41 per cent morbidity rate. Of these, forty-six had died of cancer by 1980. Among the victims were John Wayne and Susan Hayward, the stars of the film.

Color film footage of atomic bomb tests with active duty military personnel at Camp Desert Rock, Nevada Test Site, Nevada, shows soldiers in foxholes as nuclear detonation occurs nearby; light and shockwaves; blowing dust; soldiers climbing out of foxholes and running towards mushroom cloud. Some of this footage is familiar by virtue of having been seen in the film Atomic Cafe. Many soldiers who were present were exposed to high levels of radiation ~ and soon to be joined by countless civilians downwind ~ who were also assured by their government that there was nothing to fear. See 8 minute video ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWSMoE3A5DI

 And now we have the 2011 nuclear meltdown at Fukushima releasing another Genie of ongoing deadly radiation, along with the same old government assurances and lies, to an equally complacent public.  For those who are not concerned by the payback from nuclear radiation ~  here's a Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 - 3 Times Faster / 6 minute video

Once again, Power corrupts, absolute power absolutely morally corrupts, particularly when it is in the hands of the Military/Industrial complex with the power to control and destroy the world ~ and now we are realizing the deadly instant karma from the political mindset of the military complex to bomb, incinerate and fatally radiate over 200,000 people at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

“After the thing went off, after it was a sure thing that America could wipe out a city with just one bomb, a scientist turned to Father and said, 'Science has now known sin.' And do you know what Father said? He said, 'What is sin?”
~ Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle

Allen L Roland. Ph.D

Freelance Alternative Press Online columnist and heart centered spiritual counselor Allen L Roland is available for comments, interviews, speaking engagements and private Skype consultations at allen@allenroland.com

Allen L Roland is also a lecturer and shares a weekly political and social commentary on his web log and website allenroland.com He also guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on www.conscioustalk.net