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Stop The Zionist Pirates Of Israel


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Flying their skull and crossbones the Zionist pirates of Israel attacked the Freedom Flotilla and turned this humanitarian effort into a killing field ~ thus reinforcing world wide condemnation and the demand for justice for continued crimes against humanity: Allen L Roland

Rachel Corrie ship Intercepted, boarded, equipment jammed, and ship taken to Israeli port, Ashdod. Yes, these are the same Zionist pirates who attacked the humanitarian aid Freedom Flotilla in the international waters over 90 miles out of their territorial waters, five days ago. The boats carried no arms; the participants strictly adhered to Ghandian mode by asking the Greek and Cyprus authorities to search the boats to avoid later claims that they were armed. It did not help them ~ the Zionist pirates boarded the boats in the high seas, and they turned the boats into killing fields.
"They attacked us as we boarded their vessel, and we killed them in self-defence", claimed the murderers afterwards, and thousands of willing accessories to the murder repeated this nonsense. An intruder can't claim self - defense for the Peace activists were entitled to defend themselves against the unlawful attack.

The Guardian newspaper editorial correctly stated: "the responsibility for the bloodshed was entirely Israel's. The Israeli navy said they were forced to open fire to avoid being lynched. What did the commandos expect pro-Palestinian activists to do once they boarded the ships ­ invite them aboard for a cup of tea with the captain on the bridge?"

( Latest News ) 4 Freedom flotilla passengers transferred to Ankara hospital too injured to go directly home were interviewed yesterday from their hospital beds. The video is very powerful and confirms Israeli atrocities. Also autopsies on bodies of activists killed in Israel's attack on the Gaza-bound aid flotilla five days ago indicates that the victims were shot multiple times at close range . Click on video

Watch an ominous brief video of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan proclaiming to Israel Zionists: "This operation, which is completely against international law, is an act of inhuman state terror .. Don't think that we'll sit by in silence after such events ... We are sick of your lies "

Legally, the Zionist pirates of Israel do not have a leg to stand on ~ as compiled by Lynda Brayer - a human rights lawyer who specializes in the laws of war and international law iand who lives in Haifa ~ which puts the lie to any such Israeli claims.

Salient points :

" The standard for judging the Israeli acts is objective and not subjective. It is irrelevant what Israeli ministers, generals, admirals, or soldiers thought or intended. The test is in what they did.

What they did was engage in acts of war using weapons of war in international waters against vessels that are protected not only in peacetime but also in times of war.

Israel has therefore committed both crimes against the peace and crimes against humanity.
These are crimes that have international jurisdiction. Israeli political and military personnel can be named in trials held in any and all countries of the world. If the Israelis do not attend the trials, they can be tried in abstentia, and those decisions in which the Israelis are found guilty can be executed anywhere in the world.

Because unarmed civilians were murdered by a preplanned military attack, capital crimes have been committed. While it would appear that the international community no longer finds capital punishment civilized, the punishments for these capital crimes can be multiple life sentences.


It follows, therefore, that Israel was first of all not allowed to attack these vessels militarily, and then not to board these vessels by force, capture these vessels, attack the passengers, imprison them on the vessels, forcibly remove them from the vessels, and steal their private property in the form of cameras, computers, clothes, etc.

Every single act carried out by the Israeli military forces in international waters on May 31, 2010, are unqualifiedly and absolutely violations of international law ."

Sixty-four-year-old Paul Larudee, an American citizen and longtime pro-Palestinian activist, was on board one of the ships carrying humanitarian relief to Gaza that was raided by the Israeli navy on Monday. After being tasered twice and beaten, he dove into the Mediterranean Sea, only to be captured and held in an Israeli prison for two days. Read his harrowing account on Salon and then Jerry Mazza's appropriate poem for a country that refuses to take accountability for its illegal actions and continues to counter these claims as being Anti-Semitic. Salon link ~

Mazza poem


" Stiffen your back and click your heels
and thrust your right hand to the Fuhrer
morphing into Netanyahu
and the Nazi crowds of Judah,
becoming their own murderers,
replacing their lost with living Gazans,
Palestine no longer theirs,
an open prison and sore surpassing
the ghettos of Warsaw, Lodz and Krakow,
Jewish sections now Arab quarters
rolling towards a final solution
like the tanks and bulldozers flattening
what life stands that slings a stone back
like David to Goliath, blinding his wrath,
children of another god
in name only, the creation
sentencing the killers to sterility
by depleted uranium
packed in the shower of bombs they dropped
whose radioactive response was blind,
attacking the organs of life on the wind,
leaving the future a two-state graveyard,
burying the Fourth Reich with its victims,
death by a remorseless reversal of history,
a universal amnesia as the
edifices crumble like Berlin
into a thousand years of dust. "

Israel has obviously become a pirate state operating under its own rules and illegal agenda, just like those established in the Caribbean in 16th century or one that flourished on the Barbary Coast as late as the 19th century.

Let's make the world's outcry too loud to ignore. Join the petition for an international investigation into the raid, accountability for those responsible, and an immediate end to the blockade in Gaza ~ click to sign the petition, and then forward this message to everyone on your mailing list.

Moshe Dayan, Israel’s most celebrated general, famously outlined the strategy he believed would keep Israel’s enemies at bay "Israel must be a like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother " but this mad dog is rabid and must be delt with immediately ~ even at the laughable risk of being called Anti-Semitic.

Allen L Roland

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  1. My comments are running 95% positive on this post and so far no one has called me Anti-Semitic.


  2. Well, let's see?

    First of all, why do you choose to compare Israel to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust et al? There are other viable comparisons, surely? What criteria do you use to make such a comparison? What are the reasons for your choice of Nazi Germany as the specific comparison and source of metaphor with which to represent Israel? Why the Holocaust for Gaza?

    Secondly, your poem says of Gaza:

    "an open prison and sore surpassing
    the ghettos of Warsaw, Lodz and Krakow, "

    In what ways?

  3. Third. Are you comfortable about writing:

    "HEIL, ISRAEL !"

    I mean, I'm sure you wished to write it there, it didn't happen by chance. But what about people who might find it extremely offensive? Have you considered them? Who do you think might find it offensive? Why would they find it offensive? And you're perfectly comfortable about that?

  4. Elsewhere on this blog, Mr Roland approvingly quotes Theodore Adorno:

    "The inability to identify with others was unquestionably the most important psychological condition for the fact that something like Auschwitz could have occurred in the midst of more or less civilized and innocent people."

    Compare and contrast to this present entry?


    this mad dog is rabid and must be delt with immediately[/b]

    They shoot mad dogs, don't they?

    I don't see how your response (amongst others similar in tone and intent) can possibly be regarded as fulfilling Adorno's prescription for the way to avoid Holocaust. Quite the opposite.

    [b]~ even at the laughable risk of being called Anti-Semitic. [/b]

    laughable? risk? is it a serious business or not? one might think so, judging by your interest in the P/I conflict and you employ all these Nazi metaphors - even suggesting American society might be like 1930s fascist Germany -- laugh at the "risk" of anti-semitism?


    COMMENTS LEFT HERE!!!!! Let's see some justification for your remarks? Else what is the point, other than propaganda?