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Gulf Has The Scent Of A Major Deception


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The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may have apocalyptic consequences, a report by the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources said.

The gulf coast is not only drenched with the stench of a poisonous runaway oil gusher but the scent of a major deception perpetrated by BP and condoned by an indifferent Obama administration. When are we going to collectively say ~ I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any longer ?

BP figures that if you can't see it ~ then they don't have to deal with it and that they can hide the true reality of the black death that lurks in the gulf and is slowly moving towards the gulf loop and Florida ~ but people are not only seeing it but beginning to grasp the enormity of this man-made disaster.

And get this ~ Matt Simmons, founder of energy investment bank Simmons & Company, also says that there is evidence of a second oil leak about five to seven miles from the initial leak that BP has focused on fixing. That second leak, he says, is so large that the initial one is "minor" in comparison. Why does this not surprise me ?

In a discovery described last Thursday, scientists aboard a University of South Florida research vessel found an area of dissolved oil east of the leak that is about 22 miles long, six miles wide, and extends from the surface down to a depth of about 3,200 feet, said Professor David Hollander.

And now we have an ominous report by Russia's Ministry of Natural Resources who warned of the impending disaster resulting from the British Petroleum (BP) oil and gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico, calling it the worst environmental catastrophe in all of human history, the European Union Times reported.
Russian scientists believe BP is pumping millions of gallons of Corexit 9500, a chemical dispersal agent, under the Gulf of Mexico waters to hide the full extent of the leak, now estimated to be over 2.9 million gallons a day.

Note that Corexit 9500, disapproved by the EPA, causes the oil to sink and coalesce beneath the ocean surface and out of sight of radar, observers and, of course, the press.Experts say Corexit 9500 is a solvent four times more toxic than oil. The agent, scientists believe, has a 2.61ppm toxicity level, and when mixed with the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, its molecules will be able to “phase transition.” This transition involves the change of the liquid into a gaseous state, which can be absorbed by clouds. The gas will then be released as “toxic rain” leading to “unimaginable environmental catastrophe” destroying all life forms from the “bottom of the evolutionary chart to the top,” the report said. http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=128113&sectionid=3510203

Corexit 9500 can cause central nervous system depression, nausea, and unconsciousness. It can cause liver, kidney damage, and red blood cell hemolysis with repeated or prolonged exposure through inhalation or ingestion according to the MSDS ~ so let's just call it a potential black rain of death !

Bob Dylan was right...A hard rain is a-gonna fall... Obama and BP both know it and they are both stonewalling the release of this information. BP for financial liability reasons and Obama strictly for political reasons in a mid-term election year.

President Obama's reaction to this growing nightmare reminds me of George W Bush's reaction when told about the 9/11 attack, while reading My Pet Goat to a Florida Kindergarten class, Bemusement and Disengagement ~ but why ?
Because both knew the full extent of what was coming down and both were stone walling this information !

It's time to get rightfully angry and many are ~ The shift in spill and other downplayed details from BP have caused environmental activists like Lorraine Margeson of St Petersberg, Florida to rightfully question whether other details are being lowballed as well ~ " From the get go, every aspect of the situation has been downplayed ~ this thing has been out of control in terms of informing the public and transparency from day one "

Wayne Landry, parish council president in St Bernard Parish lashed out at BP's decision to use dispersants that Landry and others rightfully believe have undermined the miles of boom laid out to stop oil on the surface. ~ " Let's start getting at some of the hard hurtful truths. We don't know what we're dealing with ~ It's unacceptable that BP can have this problem, can destroy our marshes, our estuaries, destroy our way of life and at the end of the day can still lie to us about how it's not as bad as anybody thinks ~ our people are furious about this ! "

But what we really need are respected politicians who have seen it all but are willing to give a no-holds-barred critique of President Obama's totally inadequate response to the Oil disaster in the Gulf. Democratic political strategist, James Carville did just that on ABC's Good Morning America with his old friend George Stephanopoulis last week " I have no idea why their attitude was so hands-off here ~ It's just unbelievable ! "

Now you know why ~ Obama, like Bush and Clinton before him, is in bed with Big Oil and nothing, short of extreme voter anger, will break this mutual co-dependent relationship and most certainly not transparency and the truth ~ which must be avoided at all costs. Obviously, the seed of this calamity started with deregulation whereas we left Big Oil alone to mind itself with virtually no effective government oversight ~ and we are now paying the price for this lack of engagement.

By the way, the Roberts Court’s willingness to invent a rule capping punitive damages against Exxon doesn’t bode well for anyone hoping to hold BP accountable for this mounting disaster and to make sure it doesn’t happen again ~ which certainly will not be improved by Elena Kagan's appointment.

We need another Howard Beale to scream I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY LONGER ~ five minute must see Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_qgVn-Op7Q

Now, send this post to your Email list and say the same words and we just might get something started. We can boycott BP right now (One million people have already signed up to do so ) Don’t buy BP gasoline or their Casterol brand lubricants !

Allen L Roland


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  1. Post Script: Under threat of receivership and criminal investigation for its destruction of the Gulf of Mexico, foreign oil giant BP has hired a former top aide for Vice President Dick Cheney to be their new spokeswoman. Anne Womack-Kolton has been hired to be “head of U.S. media relations.” A rising star in the Bush-Cheney White House since the 2000 campaign, Womack-Kolton served as Cheney’s press secretary during the 2004 election before running public affairs in the Bush Department of Energy.