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Gaza / The World's Largest Concentration Camp


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Hell on Earth is Israeli occupied Gaza's 1.4 million tormented refugees seeking aid and recognition from a World who turns its collective head while the neglect and human suffering continue unabated. As such, Gaza is the world's largest concentration camp and begs to be liberated from Israel's continued siege and embargo: Allen L Roland

Hell on Earth is Gaza
Jordanian Queen Rania Al Abdullah, who was born in Kuwait to a Jordanian family of Palestinian origin, describes the living Hell that is Gaza ~ and a young child blurts out the sad truth about Gaza " Is this a life ? No, This is a siege ! "

There are no more words to describe this living hell of Gaza and only world action can bring change ~ for WE, as a world community, can no longer turn our heads and ignore this illegal siege and embargo.

The Israeli siege of Gaza ~ enforced by land, air and sea ~ has blocked the import and export of supplies, goods and persons in and out of the Gaza Strip for 35 months, punishing 1.4 million Palestinians in the tiny territory. More than half of Gaza's population are children and nearly 80 percent of the population lives in poverty. Ninety percent of the natural sources of water are undrinkable, and school and health services continue to deteriorate,

The Netanyahu government appears to be in crisis after the recent seizure of the humanitarian Peace flotilla enroute to Gaza ~ a seizure which apparently had the blessings of the Obama administration.
"Senior ministers of the Netanyahu cabinet have been sharply critical of the fact that the decision to seize control of the flotilla to Gaza was made after two meetings of the forum of seven senior ministers but without official deliberation by the inner cabinet, the body that has the authority to approve military actions of this scale." What this suggests is that the actual decision to conduct the raids in international waters bypassed the Cabinet
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The question remains: if the Israeli cabinet did not ratify the operation, who ordered the raids and through what procedure?
What were the respective roles of Israeli intelligence and the IDF in planning these raids?
What role was played by Rahm Emanuel, Obama's White House Chief of Staff, who had meetings with both Netanyahu and president Shimon Peres, respectively on May 26 and 27?
Did Rahm Emanuel meet officials of Israel's military and intelligence establishment?
Did the Obama administration give the Green Light?

Of course, Obama gave the green light and Rahm Emanuel obviously set the stage with his meetings with both Peres and Netanyahu on May 26th and 27th ~ which explains Obama's muted reaction to the Flotilla attack.

It's classic good cop, bad cop. We're the good cop and Israel is the bad cop but the intention is the same ~ domination and control of the Middle East. The Zionists are in control in Israel, for now, and Obama's Zionist minder is unquestionably Rahm Emanuel. Congress, who celebrated Israel's deadly flotilla raid, answers to AIPAC and not the American people ~ who were generally horrified by this blatant Israeli attack.

It is important that this news gets out, with a view to ensuring that the Rachel Corrie MV safely reaches the coast of Gaza next week, without encroachment, with a view to breaking Israel's criminal embargo and siege.

For its part, the Arab international committee for the reconstruction of Gaza said that it started to receive hundreds of requests from different people and parties around the world asking for participating in and providing support for Freedom Flotilla 2, which will sail for Gaza in the next few weeks.

Gilad Atzmon speaks for all humanitarians when he says:
" The Israeli government fails to gather that the tide has changed. We see through them. We all know what the Jewish state stands for. We all know about the devastation in Gaza, we know about the siege, the destruction and the crimes against humanity…In case the Israelis fail to see it, they are dealing with an international flotilla that is sailing under Turkish and Greek flags, a fleet that carries 800 enthusiastic activists from all over the world. The Israelis are dealing with peace lovers who are determined to break through the siege and deliver medical aid, cement, paper and food. On the deck we have 35 European parliamentarians who must have decided to say NO to Zionist fund raisers. This flotilla is a clear signal to Israel that the game is over. Israel is now all but officially isolated. All that is left for Israel is to come to terms with its true nature: a shameless racist, murderous and terrorist state…. The Israeli government and the Israeli people better start to come to terms that the game is soon to be over. The Zionist project and the Israeli state is in a state of moral bankruptcy.”

Amen !

Allen L Roland

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