Wednesday, April 28, 2010

George W Bush's Decision Points / Ripe For Parody


George W Bush's book Decisions Points is due out in early November but it is already ripe for parody for Bush has been anything but decisive and his decisions have been generally disastrous: Allen L Roland

Decision Point: Was it appropriate for me to illegally invade a sovereign country under false pretenses and kill and displace over a million Iraqi civilians which resulted in the unneccessary deaths of thousands of American soldiers ?

Key Decision: Why not ? We had to find a scapegoat for our 9/11 false flag adventure, Cheney was already carving up Iraqi's oil fields and I like playing Commander in Chief ~ it was a No Brainer !
More than half a year prior to its publication, President Bush's memoir is already available for nearly half price. My parody cover is just one of many that will grace the Internet for months to come.
The book, "Decision Points," will retail for $35 but is 46 percent off with a pre-order purchase from Yesterday, Crown Publishers unveiled the cover photo for the book and announced a Nov. 9 release date, one week after the mid-term elections.
Bush will meet his mortal enemy Humiliation when he launches his book tour in November which will be met with scathing ridicule along with devastating reviews from a public who will not let him forget that he was largely responsible for the moral and economic collapse of our Republic during his eight year rein of ineptitude.
Allen L Roland
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