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Free Will / Hitler, Bush And The Power Of Love


Hitler at 6 years old

Most scientists feel that free will does not exist but I would argue that may be true in a state of ego consciousness but with the introduction of love ~ a far deeper soul based choice becomes available and would most likely be taken: Allen L Roland

Jesse Bering , Scientific American, wrote a compelling and intellectually stimulating article about free will in the April 6th issue of Scientific American. In explaining free will ~ he uses a hypothetical example of traveling back in space and time to visit the young child, Adolph Hitler, and then asks What would you do to him ? Would the future really have changed for the better ?

" Suspend disbelief for a moment and imagine that you have agreed, as a secret agent in some confidential military operation, to travel back in time to the year 1894. To your astonishment, it’s a success! And now ~ after wiping away the magical time-traveling dust from your eyes ~ you find yourself on the fringes of some Bavarian village, hidden in a camouflaging thicket of wilderness against the edge of town, the distant, disembodied voices of nineteenth-century Germans mingling atmospherically with the unmistakable sounds of church bells.
Quickly, you survey your surroundings: you seem to be directly behind a set of old row houses; white linens have been hung out to dry; a little stream tinkles behind you; windows have been opened to let in the warm springtime air. How quaint. No one else appears to be about, although occasionally you glimpse a pedestrian passing between the narrow gaps separating the houses. And then you notice him. There’s a quiet, solemn-looking little boy nearby, playing quietly with some toys in the dirt. He looks to be about six years old ~ a mere kindergartner, in the modern era. It’s then that you’re reminded of your mission: this is the town of Passau in Southern Germany. And that’s no ordinary little boy. It’s none other than young Adolph Hitler (image above)

In your role of this time-travelling secret agent from the twenty-first century, you’ve been equipped with the following pieces of information. First, the time-travelling technology is still in its infancy, and researchers are doubtful that it will ever succeed again. Second, you have only ten minutes before being zapped back into the year 2010 (and two of those minutes have already elapsed since you arrived). Third, you’ve been informed that seven minutes is just enough time to throttle a six-year-old with your bare hands and to confirm, without a doubt, that the child is dead. This means that you have only one minute left to decide whether or not to assassinate the little boy ~ "

So what would you do ?

Bering asks the same question ~ " In any event, your minute is up! So what’s it going to be ~ and why ? With millions of future lives at stake, do you murder the innocent six-year-old boy as a pre-emptive homicide? Do you deliver the package to his parents, in the hopes that the shocking photos of the Holocaust will lead Adolph ~ one way or another ~ to choose a different career path, or even to flub his own rise to fame from all the pressure? Or, like those who lived in Nazi Germany and who were bombarded with (false) deterministic messages about the Jews, do you simply not intervene at all? "

Or do you do what I would do and thus greatly increase the likelihood that young Hitler may seek another choice in his life ~ by touching his heart.

You spend that seven minutes telling him what you see in your heart and that he is truly a gifted and beautiful child, regardless of how his dad treats him, and by speaking from your heart you touch his heart and he never forgets you.

How many of you remember early teachers who saw your gift when no one else seemed to care ?

How many of you longed, as a child, for someone to tell you that you were special ?

I still vividly remember my grandmother, who was extremely evolved spiritually but estranged from my mother, visiting my mother when I was six years old. I was emotionally alone, after having been taken away from my beloved Grandfather and probably convinced that no one could really see me.

She took my hand and silently read my palm and then smiled knowingly and lovingly squeezed it. That was it but I never forgot it ~ for in that magical few minutes I KNEW I was special and loved and I never forgot our meeting.

So now back to the young Hitler. We know he loved his dogs and probably because they were his one source of unconditional love ~ as they are for so many lonely children and adults. But I'm sure he also longed for someone like my grandmother to take his hand and tell him he was special and loved.

In other words, Hitler was not predestined to be the killing scourge of Europe but his early childhood emotional deprivation and fear of failure set the stage for his later psychopathic behaviors ~ much like G.W. Bush blowing up frogs as a child and his later behavior as the 'Killing Machine' Governor of Texas and President of the United States with the blood of a million people on his hands ~ the overwhelming majority of them innocent, non-combatant Iraqi civilians .

The key to comprehending George W Bush is also understanding his almost psychotic fear of failure and humiliation which caused him to avoid reality at all costs and drove his messianic behavior and agenda ~ much like it did Hitler's in the 1930's and 40's. Both Hitler and Bush seemingly had no conscience ~ nor empathy for that matter. What takes precedence is their ego externalized God driven agenda ~ " I believe that God wants me to be president.” George W. Bush ~ "I would like to thank Providence and the Almighty for choosing me of all people to be allowed to wage this battle for Germany," Hitler - Berlin March, 1936. In essence, Hitler and Bush were two emotional cripples playing out their roles in history.

However, back to my main point ~ never underestimate the power of love because it resides deepest within each one of us ( the Unified Field ) and also the fact that no problem can be solved through the same consciousness that created it.


Allen L Roland

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  1. The internal journey of the soul is often submerged beneath the externalized journey of the Ego and can only be accessed or touched by srrendering to love.