Sunday, April 11, 2010

Obama Hope To Obama Hype


How deeply disappointing it is to watch Barack Obama ~ our candidate of HOPE become the president of HYPE ~ who still remains in full campaign mode while Americans teeter on the edge of a deepening depression: Allen L Roland

The true test of a persons character is not how they handle adversity but how do they handle power. In that respect President Obama has failed ~ for the articulate candidate of action,change and HOPE, that many of us voted for, has become the consummate Washington political insider who is still in campaign mode and has not only lost his base and credibility in the process but has also become the President of HYPE.

As such, it's time to take the gloves off and exercise the great American tradition of satire ~ traditionally used to humble and chasten our national leaders who don't live up to their promises.

Steve Bridges imitated George Bush on the Jay Leno Show during the entire eight years he was president. He was made up to look and act exactly like Bush. He has now started imitating Obama and he "nails" it. Click below and enjoy / part 1 & 2

Allen L Roland
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  1. Why do I feel like I'm being sold something with Obama ~ is he that insecure or does he know his Presidency is built on financial quicksand .