Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Here's the World collapse explained in three minutes ~ and then read on about the last bubble that is about to burst .

The last economic bubble is about to burst and that bubble is the stimulus bubble where countries, not just banks and states, face the reality of their enormous world wide debts and economically collapse while interest rates soar and an ongoing world wide depression emerges from hiding: Allen L Roland

As President Obama pretends to end a war and occupation of Iraq ~ where currently 50,000 soldiers ( all still on combat pay ) are stationed as well as 18,000 mercenaries, and 84,000 support contractors ( not counting the State Department's unprecedented step of fielding its own private military force ) ~ and all living in permanent military bases scattered throughout this illegally occupied country along with the world's largest Embassy ~ let's look at the economic consequences of this military folly.

Despite the song and dance efforts of Ben Bernanke and President Obama to reassure Americans that we are still on the rocky road to recovery ~ the hard reality is that any recovery has been artificially driven and we are actually on the edge of the greatest financial crisis we will ever experience ~ but this time it will be a world wide crisis and depression.

Expect the greatest stock market sucker rally of all time between now and election day on November 4th as every effort will be made to put a good face on our dire economic picture ~ and President Obama has become a master of this ongoing deception.

Think of Wall Street as a giant casino with over 70% of the action High Frequency Trades between the too big to fail banking trading houses. It's Big Table Baccaret where only the big boys play and the small investor doesn't have a chance. As such, it's in Wall Street's ( and the Obama administration's ) best interest to continue the perception of recovery even though it's based on wishful thinking.

The stage has been set and it's now just a matter of time before we collapse from this massive overdose of debt. Obama and Wall Street will do everything in their power to hide this reality before the mid term election ~ but the die is cast and its color is RED.

Here is a must watch ABC Australia Video Documentary appropriately entitled OVERDOSE which simply illustrates in three 15 minute segments how we got here and where we are going. Pass it on because you'll never see it on the mainstream media.

Allen L Roland

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