Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mid Term Elections May Be Obama's Last Supper


President Obama's sinking approval ratings are directly related to his inability to be the agent of change American elected him to be. His fleeing Progressive and Independent base are growing proof that the mid term elections may well be his last supper: Allen L Roland

I was recently interviewed on Iranian TV regarding my recent article QURAN BURNING / RATIONALIZED ISLAMOPHOBIA and I explained how much of Islamophobia reinforces 9/11 fear mongering ~ which, in turn, is used to justify our continuing illegal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. As I explained to my Iranian interviewer ~ all of this must also be seen in terms of the 2010 mid term elections. See youtube video ~ 4 minutes

But Obama himself is also guilty of using fear mongering by refusing to prosecute the political and moral abuses of power by the Cheney/Bush administration as well continuing many of their policies to this day. Not to mention his refusal to entertain the re-opening of the 9/11 Investigation despite the fact that the majority of Americans ~ as well as the members of the Commission itself ~ feel a cover up is obvious. See THE 9/11 COVER UP IS AMERICA'S GREATEST BAMBOOZLE ~

Of course, America's second greatest bomboozle could well be Obama's CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN Main Street campaign which hoodwinked millions of Americans ~ whereas newly elected President Obama promptly reaffirmed his allegiance to Wall Street, the status quo and the financial elite at the expense of progressives and his main street base.

And perhaps the third greatest bamboozle is the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) declared the longest recession since the last World War to be over ~ 14 months after the fact and a month and a half before the mid-term elections.

Obama arrogantly and narcissistically still feels Americans voted for him as their savior and president ~ not realizing that the vast majority, including myself, voted for CHANGE and himself as a determined agent of that change.

By selling out to Wall Street, the Health Care Industry, and the military/Industrial complex ~ many of his loyal disciples have fled the table and Obama still does not realize ~ that HE is the problem because he has not delivered what he promised.

The predominant feeling among Progressives and Independents is anger and betrayal and, unfortunately our eternally pragmatic President still doesn't get it ~ unless he begins to read the polls.

Poll numbers indicate the migration of Independents away from the Democrats and towards the Republicans. Recent Gallup research has shown that Republicans, and conservative Republicans in particular,
have given much more thought than Democrats to the upcoming congressional elections, another key measure of turnout used in Gallup's likely voter modeling. Conservative Republicans currently score at a historically high level on this measure.

The Tea Party is taking full advantage of this anger, as we see in the stunning wins over the GOP establishment in contests for House and Senate seats from
Delaware, the governor's mansion in New York, and possibly a Senate seat from New Hampshire, capping off a tumultuous summer of intra-party clashes. And then Ultra-conservative insurgent Christine O'Donnell won a surprise victory in the Republican Senate primary in Delaware .

As such, Obama must remove his self serving halo and start delivering true change ~ particularly to the Middle Class and Seniors ~ or the Mid Term elections may well be seen as his last supper ~ leaving him as a lame duck president between now and 2012.

Allen L Roland
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