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World's Number One Whistleblower / Julian Assange


Julian Assange, the elusive founder of WikiLeaks, is dedicated to transparency and truth in a world of deception and lies. His whistleblower platform has already unmasked atrocities in Iraq, Army procurement scandals in Iraq and now atrocities and scandals in Afghanistan. Like a caped Avenger ~ He will soon be zeroing in on several more abuses of power: Allen L Roland

I'm a firm believer that when arrogance, deceit and abuse of power become truly oppressive ~ as they did under the Cheney/Bush administration ~ a door will eventually open and expose this dark world of darkness to the blinding light of the truth.

The stage for that event to happen was when President Obama chose to follow the same deceptive game plan as the Bush administration in Afghanistan. Julian Assange has now opened that door and, in so doing, has set the stage for others to come forth and fully expose this world of deception and lies.

This elusive caped Avenger has become the world's number one whistleblower and his relevations will not only eventually help bring down the Oligarchy but will mark the beginning of a shift in planetary consciousness to a world cemented in truth, transparency and mutual cooperation ~ which are always the first steps towards permenent change.

The Afghan Occupation Diaries are just as important as the Pentagon Papers with this reminder ~ there are 15,000 more revealing papers due if the Obama Administration continues to ignore the vast majority of the American people who want to end this expensive and purposeless adventure in futility.

Julian Assange on the Afghanistan war logs: 'They show the true nature of this war': Video: Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, explains why he decided to publish thousands of secret US military files on the war in Afghanistan. (4 minute Video)

Download Afghan War Diary, 2004-2010,_2004-2010

The center of American Progress hits the key aspect of this Afghan Diary ~ REPORT LINKS CIVILIAN DEATHS AND RECRUITMENT FOR INSURGENCY IN AFGHANISTAN: " The WikiLeaks disclosure of thousands of pages of military documents dealing with the war in Afghanistan highlights, among other things, "how coalition forces have killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents." This is a particularly important disclosure in light of a report released earlier this month by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). NBER's report, "The Effect of Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq," concludes that blowback in the population from civilian casualties caused by international forces in Iraq and Afghanistan is a considerable problem the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) faces in Afghanistan. It finds "strong evidence for a revenge effect in that local exposure to ISAF generated civilian casualties drives increased insurgent violence over the long-run." The BBC notes NBER's findings that "in areas where two civilians were killed or injured by Nato...there were on average an extra six violent incidents between insurgents and US-led troops in the following six weeks." NBER observed how, "when Isaf units kill civilians, [it] increases the number of willing combatants, leading to an increase in insurgent attacks," and "local exposure to violence from Isaf appears to be the primary driver of this effect." The report also concludes that Gen. Stanley McChrystal's new rules of engagement imposed upon soldiers under his command in Afghanistan "led to a decline in attacks by insurgent fighters." Gen.l David Petraeus, who has just taken command of American forces in Afghanistan, is currently reviewing McChrystal's rules and is considering altering them.

A recent national Bloomberg poll found that 58% of Americans considered the war effort a "lost cause," while Gallup has indicated a steady increase in the percentage of Americans who believe sending U.S. forces to Afghanistan in 2001 was a mistake ~ from 30% when Obama took office to 38% today.

In a SPIEGEL interview, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, 39, discussed his decision to publish the Afghanistan war logs, the difficult balance between the public interest and the need for state secrets and why he believes people who wage war are more dangerous than him.

SPIEGEL: " During the Vietnam War, US President Richard Nixon once called Daniel Elsberg, the leaker of the Pentagon Papers, the most dangerous man in America. Are you today's most dangerous man or the most endangered? "

ASSANGE: " The most dangerous men are those who are in charge of war. And they need to be stopped. If that makes me dangerous in their eyes, so be it .... I enjoy creating systems on a grand scale, and I enjoy helping people who are vulnerable. And I enjoy crushing bastards. So it is enjoyable work. "

In that regard, it appears that Afghanistan is not only the proven graveyard of Empires but it could well be the graveyard of President Obama ~ if he continues to expedite an obvious lost cause.

Wikileaks has taken a major step towards illuminating this lost cause and Julian Assange is not only a true patriot but, like Daniel Ellsberg, has performed a public service.

Sign our petition to the Democratic and Republican National Committees to tell them you vote, and you demand an end to this occupation.

Allen L Roland

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