Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Big Lie / BP'S Dealings In The Gulf


Never believe anything BP says regarding the capping of its damaged well. BP is all about profit and self protection and has yet to mention the massive gushing hole on the ocean floor a few miles away or provided details on its mysterious $20 billion dollar escrow fund: Allen L Roland

Here are three reasons to mistrust anything BP says about capping its damaged well and halting the current environmental disaster in the Gulf. As Dahr Jamail confirms from the Gulf ~ "Given BP's proven propensity towards lying, skeptics - who are consistently needed to keep BP's rhetoric in check - are also pointing toward other factors that could mean oil is continuing to spew into the Gulf near the well."

1. MSNBC July 15: Matt Simmons says BP is still covering up a MASSIVE HOLE several miles away, which is still actively gushing 120,000 barrels of toxic oil a day into the Gulf. Simmons says the cap test is "absurd" and is mainly a diversionary ploy to ease attention on the Gulf disaster. Two minute Video!

Here's a major problem, Admiral Allen may be in charge, but he's relying on BP to give him information and carry out his orders. As such, Washington has no independent eyes on the scene and that makes no sense in a disaster of this scale.

2. Expert suspects BP has ulterior motive behind oil well cap: Oil industry expert Bob Cavnar isn't buying the official story. He told MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on Wednesday that the repeated missteps cast doubt on BP's explanation for why the cap was necessary in the first place. Cavnar believes that BP's true goal is to make it harder to measure the flow of oil from the damaged well, because under the Clean Water Act, it will be liable for civil penalties of up to $4300 for every barrel spilled.

3. And what about the mysterious 20 billion dollar escrow fund ? Battleground interviews Environmental lawyer Mike Papantonia, from Pensacola, Florida. Papantonia's firm is leading the class action suit against BP and he is the attorney for the families suing BP.
Watch this must see five minute interview from The Ed Show ( MSNBC ) where Papantonio claims that there is no $20 Billion, but there are two hundred million gallons of oil in the Gulf, as well as two million gallons of toxic dispersals. He also mentions the 27,000 unmonitored wells which could well be leaking time bombs. Video ~

The Obama administration is acting like BP is too big to fail but to most Americans ~ BP has already morally failed. The first step towards restitution will be transparency and the truth ~ which, in BP's case, is still no where in sight. What is clearly in sight is a failed U.S. Energy policy !

Allen L Roland

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