Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Madness / I'm Infected, Incurable and Contagious


Oh my God ! NCAA March Madness is here and I'm infected. Nothing, no nothing can beat the pure exhilaration and joy of college sports most honest competition ~ where David often beats Goliath and 50% of the country is in a bracket pool: Allen L Roland

Of course, the Obama health care bill is really a thinly disguised bailout of the Medical-Industrial complex and Goldman Sachs has long been counseling the health Insurance Industry against any meaningful reform ~ particularly a true public option. It is, in essence, another Wall Street bailout with Main Street footing the bill and ultimately paying the consequences.

Of course, Obama made a deal last year with the for-profit hospital lobby that there would be no national public option in turn for their support for Obama care ~ which amounts to at least 90 billion extra dollars in their pockets.

Of course, Wall Street is now a corrupt and rigged craps game and an unaudited Federal Reserve is free to float this on going ponzi scheme with an unlimited and unaccounted for flow of dollars.

Of course, the country is morally and financially bankrupt while financing two illegal wars and occupations to the tune of 10 to 20 billion dollars a month while Main street suffers an unrelenting depression.

Of course, things look bleak but it's also March and the greatest spectacle of college sports is under way ~ the NCAA National Basketball Championship. The Big Dance is just that ~ 64 college teams seeded from one to sixteen in four regional divisions ~ all with an equal chance to make the Sweet Sixteen, The Elite Eight and just maybe the Final Four.

Half the country is in a bracket pool, as I most certainly am, and right now I'm looking pretty good after the first round. Eleven of my sixteen picks are still alive with four of them high ( 9 -16 ) seeds and one of them #14 seed Ohio shocked mighty #3 seed Georgetown 97- 83. This is truly David slaying Goliath but it's the magic of March Madness and as I said ~ I'm infected ,incurable and contagious.

Here's where I am after the first round ~ Kansas #1 Kansas State #2 Baylor #3 Maryland #4 Butler #5 Tennessee #6 Gonzaga #8 N.Iowa # 9 Georgia Tech #10 Washington #11 and Ohio #14.

My final four prediction #1 Kansas #2 Kansas State #1 Duke or #3 Baylor and #1 Kentucky
My dark horse possibility ~ Baylor #3 beating Duke #1 in the South regional Final which will be held in Houston,Texas.

Final two Kansas vs. Kentucky with Kansas prevailing 68 - 65.

As for politics and world issues ~ they'll still be there after two weeks but right now I'm infected and not curable until after April 5th.


Allen L Roland

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