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Deer Isle, Maine Speaks / Stop Funding Wars


Change happens slowly but it always needs an impetus or impulse to trigger a reaction that leads to other like actions. Deer Isle, Maine has done just that by voting in their town meeting to instruct their congressman to not fund the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan: Allen L Roland

I grew up in a small picturesque seaside town in New England, much like Deer Isle, Maine. I remember well the Nahant town wharf piled high with lobster traps but I also fondly remember the town meetings where grassroots CITIZENS argued the burning issues of the day.

This is bottom up Democracy in action. Two thirds of the town's 2400 voters made a statement on Deer Isle Town Meeting Day on March 1, 2010 voting to approve an article on the town warrant " calling on Congressman Mike Michaud not to fund the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan and to take a lead in demanding the same principled position of his colleagues. Thanks in large part to impassioned statements made in support of the article (No one spoke in opposition.) Deer Isle may boast of playing a lead in Maine’s prerogative, showing the country the way."

The state motto of Maine is Dirigo ( I lead ) and perhaps Maine is doing just that by taking a stand on an issue that the majority of Americans would enthusiastically endorse.

As Dud Hendrick reports in Common Dreams ~ " On the weekend of April 10 and 11, supporters of the campaign weary of good-money-after-bad rationale, and unwilling to support one more appropriations bill will fan out in many towns across the state to place
notices on residential doors which remind us that the average Maine family has paid $10,000 for warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan."

A congressional report estimated that both wars would cost $3.5 trillion between 2003 and 2017. Under that scenario, it would cost a family of four $46,400, the report said.

Let's stop this nonsense and join the proud people of Maine by placing notices on our neighbors doors reminding them of the obscene costs of these illegal occupations ~ which enrich only the military/Industrial Industry and corpocracy.

At the end of the day on Deer Isle, the Town Moderator quoted Thomas Jefferson, “The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first priority.”

As Hendrick wrote ~ "It was an eloquent testimonial to that cherished keystone of democracy in New England ~ the Town Meeting."

But we have another cherished cornerstone of Democracy in Washington, D.C. ~ the house of Representatives. Next week, Dennis Kucinich will offer a priviledged resolution on the house floor demanding a vote on the continued funding of the war in Afghanistan. Representative Kucinich reached an agreement with other Democrats in the House to introduce the privileged resolution on March 4th ~ at which time it was assigned a number ~ and a wait through the weekend before it goes in front of the rules committee on Monday, March 8th. On Tuesday, March 9th, the resolution will come before the House. Representative Kucinich calls on PDA members and others to get the word out for everyone to contact their representatives and let them know the urgency of this resolution and request their support. Remember, it's an election year so let your Congressperson know where you stand on this incredibly important issue. Let's take names on who wants to continue to fund these illegal occupations that are draining our economy.

The first step towards bringing our troops home is for members of Congress to
hear from their constituents and that means you. Click here to tell your Representative what Deer Isle told theirs ~ Stop Funding These Wars !

And sign a Petition Requesting the U.S. Congress to Stop Funding Additional Troops in Afghanistan.

Allen L Roland

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