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 The miracle of heart centered counseling is the power of love and gratefulness ~ for when your heart is awakened through love and gratefulness, you not only want to heal but you also know or at least sense your next step in the self-healing process: Allen L Roland

I have proven in my own personal experience as well as my over 35 years as a heart centered therapist and counselor that the basic underlying and uniting force of the universe is a psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness ( the Unified Field ) which lies not only beyond time and space but ALSO beneath our deepest fears.

As such, the supposition must be made that what lies deepest within us is not anger and pain but instead love, joy and a state of soul consciousness.

Time after time in my heart centered counseling, with both veterans and civilians, I find that once they realize that they have loved people deeply in the past and recognize that these people were and are still gifts in their quest to find themselves ~ the magic of self-healing begins, aided by dreams and all sorts of unforeseen events which happen to accelerate that process.

The point must be made here on the basis of accumulated research and studies that the pain of feeling unloved and alone or abandoned is the most awesome pain that can be humanly experienced and obviously is capable of bringing forth hypothalamic reactions which affect our well-being and physical health.

Thus, it would appear that the pain of not feeling loved for oneself or feeling seemingly alone and abandoned is of such deep psychic proportions that death would occur unless we consciously separated from our feelings and our intuitive right brain connection to soul consciousness ~ in order to survive.

It would also seem logical at this point that ego consciousness  (ego-defense, manipulation of the environment, control and self-protection) become more important for survival than soul consciousness (sensitivity, receptivity to the environment as well as our deepest urge to love and unite).

In Robert Ornstein's THE NATURE OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, Michael Gazzaniga comments on the appearance of this left brain dominance at an early age:
" In the young child, each hemisphere of the brain is about equally developed with respect to language and speech function. We are, thus, faced with the interesting question of why the right hemisphere at an early age and state of development possesses substantial language capacity whereas , at a more adult age it possesses a rather poor capacity. The implication is that during maturation, the processes and systems active in making this capacity manifest are somehow inhibited and dismantled in the right hemisphere and allowed to reside only in the left hemisphere. "

What actually happens, because of psychic pain, is that our true authentic self, and with it the feeling, intuitive -   receptive right brain and its connection to the Unified Field goes into hibernation within the ego's protective cocoon. There is little doubt that it is at this point that hypothalamic reactions are triggered which literally halt our emotional growth ~ for the biological clock is located in the feeling circuits of the brain.

Remember, that the ego is a projection of what we feel we have to be versus who we really are ~ it is not born from joy but instead from pain and aloneness and usually as an only choice ~ and it is eventually meant to be shed.

In other words, psychic pain overrides our original joyful state of soul consciousness caused by the seeming separation from love ~ and emotionally we stop growing. That is where the lost inner child resides waiting to be unconditionally loved ~ waiting until it's safe to come out from its cocoon of fear. We externalize this inner quest in relationships ( usually re-creating our original separation scenario) but what we are really after is our true authentic self.

Ann McCoy's Lunar Birth

I'm the classic example of this phenomenon in that my heart closed when I was taken away from my beloved grandfather at 6 years old. The psychic pain of that event overrode my joy, my heart closed and my protective ego went into place as I became whatever I had to be in order to be loved. Only when I eventually fully opened my heart and faced and went through my deepest fears and pain ~ did I find that lost child within myself and along with it my original state of love, joy and soul consciousness, that lies beyond time and space ( the Unified Field ) and along with it, my part in a universal loving plan.

This is why most people are not afraid of their pain, most people are living in pain ~ what most people are afraid of is their deep joy because they feel it will eventually be taken away ~ as it seemingly was as a child.

Those who I love deeply will leave me ~ a common universal fear, which was once mine, until I fully opened my heart and conquered that fear in the process.

The miracle of my heart centered counseling is that I can see through the heart, beneath their pain and actually see the lost child within my client who just wants to not only be seen ~ but to be re-connected to their deepest joy, intention, purpose as well as their original state of soul consciousness. Gratefulness is the lifeblood of that state of consciousness and I utilize that from their very first session.

This transformation can happen in as little as seven sessions by first, having them see their life as a quest versus a struggle, then take accountability for their own pain and the decisions that they alone made to be controlled by fear and most importantly thank the people who have been there for them during their lives ~ for gratefulness is the lifeblood of soul consciousness.

Thus, they begin the rapid transit from ego consciousness to their original state of soul consciousness and the eventual realization that their life is being inner guided ~ as mine most certainly is.

Dreams become incredibly important during this self-healing process for they are indeed messages from the soul meant to be enlisted in the process of peeling away the layers of the ego. But they are also constant reminders that the answers are within ~ if we will but listen and respond.

The near death experience, as such, is a joyful state of soul consciousness and the long dark tunnel that many NDEers experience is the rapid transit through ego consciousness towards the light of the love, joy and soul consciousness deepest within ourselves ~ the Unified Field .

During my transformation counseling, message dreams, unforeseen important events and the miracles of self-healing accelerate because the heart driven are guided by their true destiny ~ whereas the ego driven are guided by a fear-based and spiritually desolate destiny.
As such, I am, in reality, their coach until they meet the real coach, themselves.

Nothing could be more spiritually rewarding than retrieving and empowering lost souls ~ and it is clearly the work that my life's path prepared me for.

As such, the miracle of heart centered counseling is, in essence, the power of love and gratefulness ~ without which no true self-healing can occur.

Allen L Roland

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