Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who will bring the troops home, the only candidate who has the guts to speak his truth and the only candidate who stands up to the lobbyists, corporations and the Federal Reserve ~ He’s my guy for president: Allen L Roland

Truth seeker and truth speaker Ron Paul, the chairman of the House subcommittee that oversees the Federal Reserve demanded yesterday that the Fed fully disclose details of billions ~ perhaps trillions ~ in secret emergency loans it made to almost every major bank in the U.S. and overseas during the financial crisis or face a congressional subpoena for the information.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), chairman of the House Financial Services subcommittee on domestic monetary policy, said he wants to know “how much, when, where and why” from Fed officials when they testify about the loans at a subcommittee hearing today.

It’s finally Ron Paul’s turn ~ the majority of Americans are fed up with politics as usual, Obama’s broken promises and a government that answers to Wall Street and the corporate elite at the expense of Main Street and a rapidly vanishing middle class.

Political apathy reigns and myself and millions of Americans long for a genuine political truth teller who will not only bring our troops home from our illegal occupations of both Iraq and Afghanistan but will take on the lobbyists, corporations and above all the consistently wrong and secretive Federal reserve. I am convinced that person is Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

To me the deciding factor is not party affiliation, since both parties have sold out to corporate interests ~ the deciding factor is integrity and Ron Paul stands tall in that category against all comers ~ especially Barack Obama.

Thanks to the magic of this ten minute must see video tape we can see what the economic geniuses at the Fed and CNBC were saying about the future back in 2005. It would be a comedy if it weren't for all the people who believed them and drank the Kool aid, including Obama, but there were a few who did not and were absolutely right. One of them was Peter Schiff ( President Euro Pacific Capital ) who correctly warned of the debt bubble and coming recession and the other was Congressman Ron Paul who directly took on Wall Street stooge and Fed chief Ben Bernanke and asked the tough questions ~ which he is still doing.


As Walter Block effectively explains in The Maroon ~ “If Ron Paul can somehow win the presidential nomination of the Republican Party, he will have an excellent chance of beating President Barack Obama in November 2012. He will, of course, face great obstacles in the Republican primaries, but if he can overcome them, it ought to be all downhill after that.

Why will the congressman from Texas have a good shot at beating a sitting president during wartime?

Paul can out-left Obama on foreign policy and personal liberties, thus making gigantic inroads on the latter's progressive base while at the same time maintaining his right-wing credentials on economics.” See article ~

Don’t make the mistake of taking Ron Paul lightly. As my progressive friend Richard Scheck correctly says ~ “Ron Paul represents the best hope for those who considers themselves on the left. He is anti-war, anti WTO, anti-Wall Street while being pro-growth and pro-civil liberties.”

In case anyone needs a reminder of what an epic train wreck Obama has beenfor the nation, here' a short video that sums it all up. Obviously, it was made by a Ron Paul supporter but it effectively cuts to the chase.

2 minute Video:

The Progressives could well have their champion in Ron Paul and rise from the grave where Obama buried them, with his false promises, over the past three years. I for one am fed up with Obama’s imperial presidency!

Here’s a 9 minute CNBC May 31st interview with Ron Paul where he answers some very intelligent questions and effectively explains why he should be president and that his ideas are really mainstream. Video

Join the Revolution and take back our Republic

Allen L Roland

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  1. Constitutionally, legislatively, and morally, Ron Paul has no equal. His 22 year voting record speaks for itself.
    Mr. Paul has not survived in politics for 22 years and maintain the ethics and morality he has by being anything other than stellar.
    If You refute the above comment, then I please invite You to listen to him speak about key issues. It is amazing how well he comes across because he doesn’t have to remember lies like other politicians. He understands what is happening in the world and knows how to apply the basic principles of liberty to achieve the real change that America so desperately deserves.
    American to American we are all on the same team. So I present Mr. Ron Paul as my Candidate for 2011 and invite anybody to meaningfully and respectfully debate why he is not the best for American and its people in 2012.
    Ron Paul = A real change, not for special interest, but for America’s Interests!
    Thank You for Your time
    Ron Paul 2012

  2. I obviously agree, George.Now let's get America to agree next year.