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Eastwood's HEREAFTER Explores Reality Of Soul Consciousness

Clint Eastwood's moving film HEREAFTER gently raises the curtain of death and delicately hints another state of consciousness is there ~ that is hidden from us until we raise that curtain or, I would add, surrender to love: Allen L Roland

As a twin, I really related to Clint Eastwood's outstanding movie HEREAFTER since one of the three main storylines is a twin who loses his identical twin brother in a tragic accident ~ and is seemingly lost without this deep loving connection.

As a first born twin I have personally felt the psychic pain of being seemingly separated from my twin at birth ~ born two minutes before him ~ as well as the deep desire to re-connect to that incredible loving connection. Many times in my life I have come into his life at important moments to help him reach a place of another choice ~ including now as he faces a life threatening illness.

The main characters in Eastwood's film with a screenplay by Peter Morgan ( who said the violent death of a close friend inspired him ) are Matt Damon, as a reluctant San Francisco psychic afraid of his gift of communicating with the dead, and a Parisian TV News anchor Cecile de France, whose near death experience during the films opening thunderous Tsunami brings her momentarily over to the other side of the curtain of death and changes her life forever.

Since over 50% of Americans believe they have been in contact with someone who has died ( including myself with my mother at her untimely death ) ~ it is time to accept the near death experience as a state of soul consciousness ( the Unified Field ) which exists not only beyond time and space but also beneath our deepest fears.

It is my opinion that the near death experience allows someone to momentarily pass through the dark tunnel of internal pain, aloneness, despair and apparent death, from which the ego and ego consciousness are born, into a state of soul consciousness as well as our deepest connection to the before mentioned Unified Field.

Here's a wonderful example ~
a few years ago I was interviewed by the CBS-TV affiliate in San Francisco on the meaning of the Near-death experience. I explained that the near death experience is a state of love and soul consciousness that lies beyond our present state of ego consciousness. I identified this state of consciousness as the long sought for Unified Field. ~ a psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness which lies not only beyond time and space but also beneath our deepest fears. The principle property of this field of love is the universal urge to unite which permeates all living matter ~ from molecules to Galaxies.

Most NDE's experience this state of consciousness as an incredible feeling of light and love and when they recover ~ they usually feel a profound need to be in service.

During my interview I was asked to comment on film footage of a Near-Death experiencer named Terry Meyers ~ who had apparently died for a short period of time of heart failure and felt she had a near death experience.

A few days later CBS received this note from Terry Meyers which they forwarded to me ;

" Eight years ago I has a spiritual rebirth. A virus literally destroyed my heart in a matter of four days. While at the hospital, when my heart stopped, I had a near-death experience.

After coming back to life, I was overwhelmed with an intense feeling of joy and love. Everything became clear to me ~ my purpose in life and why this happened to me. I fully understood how everything in the universe is evolved around love and my deep need to be part of it ~ and today my desire to help others is driven by this passion !

Dr Allen L Roland's television interview validated all the feelings I had experienced like no one else has been able to do.

It is though he had looked into my soul and mind and was speaking my thoughts."

To me, this was just another confirmation that I am talking, living and writing about a universal truth ~ that everyone knows at a deep subliminal level. This would also seem to explain why people who have had a near-death experience not only do not fear death ~ but have new values regarding love and the need to be in service.

This might explain my major success of working with Vets with PTSD who have obviously been to the psychic dark side and at a deep human level want to explore a heart centered choice of behavior. I explain through my Cycle Of Life chart how psychic pain will override Joy to the extent that most people have no idea that beneath their deepest pain and aloneness is love, joy and connectedness ~ the Unified Field.

After each session ~ part of their homework is to read each session in my book RADICAL THERAPY / SURRENDER TO LOVE AND HEAL YOURSELF IN SEVEN SESSIONS ( NOT SEVEN YEARS which not only reviews the previous session but also reinforces that deepest within them is not anger, resentment and unworthiness ~ but instead love, joy, intention and purpose.

Precognition, in the heart sense, means the soul contains the event that shall befall it ~ because we are experiencing a state of consciousness that exists beyond time and space. Personally I have dreamed about every major relationship on the path of my heart before I actually met that person. I also vividly remember taking the hand of one my first clients and telling them that It was your turn ~ and having that client break into tears and tell me that his father had told him on his death bed many years ago, after breaking a coma, that " Somebody will take your hand ".

That somebody was obviously myself for that client used this loving connection, that obviously existed beyond time and space, to open his heart, face his deepest fears and guilt and heal himself in the process.

Damon's character also correctly portrays the isolation of knowing something and being aware of things that very few can either accept or acknowledge. Knowingly being in this Unified Field of love demands self acceptance and the willingness to stand alone and share your truth ~ and realize in the process that standing alone is really belonging. The famous Jesuit priest Teilhard de Chardin is the perfect example for Teilhard stood impatiently at the summit of man's quest for the ultimate truth proclaiming to all that God is love ~ despite being ostracized and ignored by the Catholic church.

And It was Teilhard de Chardin, the ultimate explorer of the soul, who wrote on the last page of his personal journal three days before he died ~ " The Last enemy that shall be destroyed is death " and in THE ACTIVATION OF HUMAN ENERGY Teilhard wrote ~ " But how much more comforting and electrifying for our efforts would it not be if some signal or some sign, some summons or some echo, should come to us from beyond death and give us positive assurance that some center of convergence does really exist ahead of us ".

Eastwood's film delicately hints at those signs, summons and echoes and I dramatically prove it everyday in my work ~ that that center of convergence, in the form of inner peace, unity, love, light and joy does indeed lie not only beyond physical death but most certainly beyond the painful process of ego death.

Only love unites and heals for only love takes us beyond pain, fear and aloneness to our ultimate connectedness ~ the incredible reality of a state of love and soul consciousness ( the Unified Field ) which lies not only deepest within ourselves ~ but also beyond time and space.

Longfellow says it best ~ "The thread of all sustaining beauty that runs through all and doth all unite "

Allen L Roland

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