Monday, August 9, 2010

We Need An American Tank Man Saying ~ Enough, No More !


Twenty one years ago on June 4th an unknown man stopped a column of tanks in their tracks in Beijing's Tiananmen Square and inspired a world longing for change. Where is the American Tank Man who will halt the Military Industrial Complex by refusing to fund its illegal occupations: Allen L Roland

The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, referred to in much of the world as the Tiananmen Square massacre, were a series of demonstrations in and near
Tiananmen Square Beijing in the Peoples Republic of China ( PRC ) beginning on 14 April 1989.

Led mainly by students and intellectuals, the protests occurred in a year that saw the
collapse of a number of communist governments around the world. An intelligence report received by the Soviet politburo estimated that 3,000 protesters were killed, according to a document found in the Soviet archive.

The famous Tank Man photo, taken on 5 June 1989 by photographer
Jeff Widener, shows the PLA's advancing tanks halting for an unknown man near Tiananmen Square. Not only did the tanks stop but they turned off their engines as the young man scrambled up on the lead tank and presumably shouted to the tank commander to turn around and leave.

This was an incredible act of individual courage which was captured on film along with comments from key Chinese and American witnesses ~ as they watched this drama unfold. This photo and video was hidden and later smuggled out of the country and has been an inspiration to the oppressed throughout the world.

As I watched this ten minute video ~ I could not help but make the analogy with our current desperate need for an American political leader to courageously stand up to our out-of-control Military Industrial Complex and force them to stop our illegal occupations of both Iraq and Afghanistan ~ by the simple act of withholding funding.

As such, that Tank Man would become the American people defiantly saying ~ Enough, No More !

Allen L Roland

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