Friday, August 27, 2010

Seniors Unite Against Simpson And Obama


Obama appointed co-chairman of the budget deflcit commission, Alan Simpson, recently offended all seniors by calling them 'lesser people in society' and in the process infuriated a voting block that all but insures an Obama one term presidency: Allen L Roland

The fact that President Obama picked Alan Simpson as co-chairman of the budget deficit commission is a tip off that Obama has already written off not only the progressives but also seniors ~ which will come back to haunt him in 2012.

Simpson has called seniors “greedy geezers;” described lower-income Americans as “lesser people in society;” and complained that he is frustrated hearing from retirees who “live in gated communities and drive their Lexus to the Perkins restaurant to get the AARP discount "

Well, Mr Simpson ~ I happen to be a proud senior who is still working, making a difference, not living in a gated community or driving a Lexus and if it wasn't for social security ~ I, like millions of Americans, would fall below the poverty line. For your information ~ the average beneficiary receives only $13,900 a year and has not received a cost of living increase for two years.

You're a crusty, entitled and mean 79 year old geezer, Mr Simpson ~ and it's pretty obvious why Obama chose you to chair his bipartisan commission on reducing the federal deficits ~ so he could eventually cut social security benefits.

Simpson recently compared Social Security to "a milk cow with 310 million tits" ~ so his job essentially is to fire the opening administration salvo against Social Security.

William Greider, The Nation nailed it when he recently wrote ~ " Simpson should have been turned out to pasture years ago but Obama made him co-chair of the President's bipartisan commission on reducing the federal deficits....Every savvy player in the Capital knows what the president has in mind ~ whack Social Security benefits to lure Republicans into a grand deal on raising taxes. As I have written more than once, when Washington talks up bipartisan compromise it usually means the people are about to get screwed.

That train is rolling down the tracks now, but don't expect major media coverage to alert the populace. The prestige newspapers are on board for this deal and Obama's commission won't reveal its recommendations until right after the election. Too late for folks to make a stink."

Greider offers an excellent suggestion for Senator Guttermouth ~ " In the interest of fairness, for instance, why not cut Simpson's government pension benefits as much or more than they intend to cut Social Security benefits. After all, he can afford it. And Simpson likes to talk about his new knee ~ recently replaced with a $70,000 operation. Did he pay for his new knee or did the taxpayers? It would be fun to find out."

Simpson is obviously uninformed about Social Security, ideologically biased, and unfit for this position. Seniors rightly see Obama's Deficit Commission stacked with people hostile to Social Security and intent on cutting it ~ despite the fact that social security does not contribute to the deficit.

However, it's not too late to make a stink so sign this petition and send it to all your senior friends and let's stop that train before it leaves the station.

By the way, if Pew’s latest numbers are even halfway accurate, they should frighten Obama and the Democrats. Their surveys show voters 65 and over, who gave Democrats a 50 percent to 39 percent edge on the generic ballot in November 2006, giving Republicans a 51 percent to 43 percent edge now. If that reversal holds, Democrats could be ruing the "year of the angry white senior” at the polling place, not just the town hall.

Allen L Roland

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