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The approach I take in my book RADICAL THERAPY, SURRENDER TO LOVE AND HEAL YOURSELF IN SEVEN SESSIONS (Not Seven Years) and in my heart centered consultations with Veterans with PTSD as well as others with PTHD (Post Traumatic Heart Disorder) is indeed, in reality, a radical approach for self-healing ~ and meant to be shared with the world: Allen L Roland, PhD


The Basic underlying and uniting force of the universe is a psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness ( the Unified Field ) which lies not only beyond time and space but also beneath our deepest fears and whose principal property is the universal urge to unite: Allen L Roland. PhD


My joyful demonstration that this infinite Unified Field of love ~ and not the speed of light ~ is the absolute constant of the universe also leads me to a simple and joyous observation that psychology, science and religion ultimately all rest on a common foundation of love and soul consciousness.



Dr Stanley Krippner explains my work in the foreword of my book "No psychiatric manual lists "soul loss" as a condition in need of treatment but shamans tell me that "soul loss" is widespread in contemporary society ~ Allen Roland has had the insight to understand what the shamans have told me and he also has developed the skills to help his clients regain their souls."


To elaborate on Dr Krippner's words, I have developed the skills to help my clients regain their souls over the past 45 years by being their coach and not their therapist ~ by jump starting their hearts through an action based self-healing process which stresses love and gratefulness and then coaching them through their deepest fears to the love, joy and soul consciousness deepest within them which I have identified as the Unified Field .


The gift I give my clients, particularly combat veterans, is the gift of the honest, free and joyous gift of myself as well as a clear demonstration of what it's like to be in the field and not be controlled by fear. Reading the first 9 chapters of my book is a prerequisite before our first session (either Skype or in person) where I literally take them by the hand and tell them that "It's Your Turn!"


At that point the soul connection is made for then through the life chart ~ they connect the dots of all their important love relationships ~ the inner soul light then goes on because their homework is to thank these people and tell them why they are or have been a gift in their life. This action based homework leads them through their fears and to the life changing realization that they were loved and are actually healing themselves.


And I, as their coach versus therapist, become their friend forever for I have also touched their hearts with my empowering work and unconditional love.


They all have access to these self-healing steps in my updated Kindle Book RADICAL THERAPY, SURRENDER TO LOVE AND HEAL YOURSELF IN SEVEN  SESSIONS (not seven years). Here is the Kindle link


And here's a link to the YouTube Skype sessions of the self-healing process I teach and coach ~ Watch, in the first 20 minutes of session five, how Marina conquers her deepest fear by going through it and she demonstrates that beneath her pain and fear is boundless joy. See video



All the sessions and exercises are geared toward my clients regaining their souls ~ for the vast majority of my clients have had significant birth trauma or early childhood trauma ~ whereas psychic pain has overridden their inherent joy as well as a state of soul consciousness. From that Well of Grief they created an ego as well as a protective cocoon of ego consciousness ~ for it was seemingly their only choice for survival.


Unfortunately, most of us go through our lives recreating our original pain and aloneness in our relationships ~ not realizing that beneath that well of grief is our original joy, intention and purpose as well as our innate connection to the Unified Field and a state of love and soul consciousness.


It is within that ego cocoon that the innocent and fearful child emotionally resides waiting to be seen and touched through unconditional love and then empowered to say yes to themselves and no longer be controlled by fear.


This risk taking homework of gratitude inspires people to take action and encounter their deepest fears, confront and go beneath their pain and finally surrender to the love and joy deepest within themselves as well as reunite with a Unified Field of love and soul consciousness that exists not beyond time and space and also beneath their deepest fears. The key to the kingdom of the soul is gratitude for God only reveals itself to a grateful heart.


“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”
~ Marcus Tullius Cicero



Allen L Roland, PhD

Heart centered spiritual consultant and advisor Allen L Roland can be contacted at Allen is also a lecturer and writer who shares a weekly political and social commentary on his web log and website He is also featured columnist on Veterans Today and is a featured guest on many radio and Television programs.



  1. Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them for it alone takes them and joins them to what is deepest within themselves ~ Teilhard de Chardin

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