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Gratefulness opens the door of the heart and acknowledges our interconnectedness with others and our essential oneness with a Unified Field of love and soul consciousness which exists beyond time and space and whose principle property is the urge to unite. Gratefulness is the path to our heart centered destiny: Allen L Roland

"If there were no real propensity to unite, even at a prodigiously rudimentary level, indeed, in the molecule itself, it would be impossible for love to appear higher up in the 'hominized' or human form" Teilhard de Chardin

Love is the vehicle for becoming what we want to be because in surrendering to love ~ we initially glimpse the beauty of who we really are.

However, to fully embrace ourselves we must go beyond the fears and the control of the ego. 

This is not a painless path for the path to the soul is like walking a tightrope over the deep chasm of the unknown.

And the balancing rod on this perilous inner path is GRATEFULNESS.
God only reveals itself to a grateful heart and the only antidote for unworthiness and resentment is GRATEFULNESS.

Why, you ask ?

Because you must understand that all the key people on the journey of your heart could not be any different than the way they were in that , in loving them, you took another step towards finally embracing yourself ~ regardless of the outcome of these relationships.

Regardless of the pain or rejection you must see them as gifts on the path or tightrope towards becoming the person you always wanted to be ~ yourself.

The people I have loved the deepest have been my greatest teachers because, in loving that deeply, I embraced more of myself and the person I always wanted to be.

It takes great courage to surrender to the inner journey of the heart but it helps if you realize that what lies deepest within ourselves is love, joy and soul consciousness ~ only our self-imposed cocoon of aloneness , separation and ego consciousness keep us from this inner delight and knowledge.

Only by living my life in GRATEFULNESS have I realized how blessed I am and only then can I truly accept the gift of knowing that I am not only deeply loved but I am part of something far greater than myself.

One of the most powerful sessions I do with my clients is session five ( of seven ) where, through a visualization, they see the scores of people who have loved them and touched them in their life and the question I ask them is ~ How many of these people have you thanked in real life?

Their homework is to thank these people and when they do that they literally can feel their hearts begin to open .

There is not one person in my life who I have not thanked for being a gift in my life and my heart has expanded in the process.

But the person I am most grateful to is myself, for having the courage to believe in myself, to listen and respond to my own inner guidance, to share my truth regardless of the risks, to be able to both take hold and let go of relationship with love ~ and in the process find more of myself as well as my living part in a universal loving plan.

As such, I have embraced Christ consciousness or soul consciousness from within, which is what Jesus spoke of when he said "the kingdom of heaven is within you" versus from without or externally through the bible ~ which many Christian fundamentalists claim is the path to salvation.

Remember, Jesus was divinely human and a forerunner for a state of consciousness all of us will eventually surrender to. As such, God is a loving plan in action or an evolutionary process with which we all participate as co-creators.

Jesus was a fully enlightened man ~ the Christ is the love he manifested in his life which is also deepest within each one of us (not just Jesus). This love is also a state of soul consciousness which is one in the same with my Unified field.

As Teilhard de Chardin once wrote ~"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

The humanizing of Jesus is the single most important religious step that must be taken in the eventual coming together of mankind.

And GRATEFULNESS is the path towards knowing and claiming this great inner truth.

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 It is not for nothing that Cicero said that gratitude is the parent of all virtues.


Allen L Roland

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  1. “Reflect upon your present blessings -- of which every man has many -- not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”
    ― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Writings