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The Earth's safety seat belt is the Honey Bee who is gradually being destroyed through a new class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids to the extent that 40 to 50 percent of the hives needed to pollinate many of the nation’s fruits and vegetables could collapse: Allen L Roland
This Earth Day, I am again reminded that my greatest teacher is nature who I return to time and time again in order to witness the living design of a loving plan in action as well as my humble part in expressing and sharing what I see and feel. 
Fed up with the violence of the main stream press and the worship of the military, I am increasingly drawn to love and hope centered messages which express the fragility of life on earth and how we can protect it.
One of them is the "wear your seat belt" ad the UK did in 2010 ~ started by a person who was not hired to do it, but because the cause was so personally important to him ~ he came up with the idea, and it became rapidly hailed across the world as a 'beautiful' wordless commercial. It actually became so popular with the general public that people began to forward it to friends and family on their own ~ and quickly it spread all over the world and in a very short time went viral.

Watch it and forward it to people who mean a lot to you ~ as I have with you, dear reader. ( 2 minute Video ) Click on ~
The analogy of the auto seat safety belt and the honey bee must be made because without the honey bee, mankind is recklessly driving toward an ecological disaster and a fatal accident.

The New York Times reported last week that Soaring honey bee deaths has caused a coalition of beekeepers as well as environmental and consumer groups to sue the E.P.A, saying it exceeded its authority by conditionally approving some neonicotinoids ~  "The agency has begun an accelerated review of their impact on bees and other wildlife. In addition, the European Union has proposed to ban their use on crops frequented by bees. Some researchers have concluded that neonicotinoids caused extensive die-offs in Germany and France." See article ~

 "Dance of the Honey Bee" narrated by Bill McKibben, takes a look at the determined, beautiful and vital role honey bees play in preserving life, as well as the threats bees face from a rapidly changing landscape. "Not only are we dependent on the honey bee for much of what we eat," says Bill, "there is, of course, a grace and elegance they bring to the natural world that would diminish us all were they to disappear."  Video 6:41

Meanwhile the German pesticide maker Bayer and Swiss company Syngenta lobby are battling furiously against the European Union's efforts to limit pesticides and save the bees. See Story ~

The death of Honey bees are the obvious canary in the coal mine as well as nature's safety belt and a warning to humans that we are slowly being poisoned by powerful and greedy chemical companies and that we must eventually embrace the natural loving plan of nature in order to fully embrace the earth ~ as well as survive as human beings.

Allen L Roland

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