Thursday, May 27, 2010

BP / Beyond Prosecution, Beyond Patience, Beyond Preposterous


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As BP's Black Death ocean floor oil gusher raises environmental havoc on the Gulf and eventually the East Coast ~ Patience is running out, Prosecution is demanded and Obama is MIA in this preposterous calamity: Allen L Roland

Washington's unholy alliance with BIG Oil is now there for the world to see as witnessed by President Obama hands off approach to BP's arrogant negligence. Get this ~ BP still controls claims processing, environmental contractors on land and sea, volunteer assistance, access to the disaster site, and data collection and this is an obvious crime scene.

Center for American Progress senior fellow Joseph Romm rightfully called BP "the
Goldman Sachs of big oil" because of its spotty safety record, insistence on voluntary "trust me" self-regulation, and willingness to cut corners to "save a few bucks."

The moral hazard created by privatized profit and socialized risk has allowed bankers to cripple our economy and also allowed energy companies to slowly destroy our planet as witness the creeping gulf black death which is already heading on the gulf loop for the East Coast of America.~ regardless if the well is plugged.

Eleven workers were killed in the blast and by the most conservative estimate, 26.5 million litres of crude have spilled into the Gulf of Mexico, which is already fouling Louisiana's marshes and coating birds and other wildlife.

Here's What BP Does Not Want You To See In The Ocean.
This Is a Nightmare... a Nightmare': Video: Philippe Cousteau Jr. and Sam Champion take hazmat dive into Gulf's oily waters and are shocked by the toxic soup they find.

Here's What BP Does Not Want You To See On the Land.
Video: Gulf Oil Photo Essay PBS News Hour

A CNN poll found that 51% of Americans disapprove of how the Administration is managing the emergency ~ better than BP's 75% disapproval ~ but this is particularly bad for a White House whose brand is all about cool competence ~ but whose Presidential disapproval rating is now 53% ( Rasmussen )

But here's something even more shocking ! This same Gulf Coast oil spill scenario happened in 1979 and all the techniques ( Top Hat, Top kill, Junk Shot, etc ) were used then and they all failed. And the leak was only 200 feet deep ~ not a mile deep ! Click on Oil Spill in Alaska Rachel Maddow

The historic ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is infuriating. As things currently stand, BP's legal liability is "capped" at a maximum of $75 million. That's less than BP makes in profits in one day ! The rest of the astronomical clean up costs will be paid by us ~ American taxpayers. Sign the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund's petition and tell your members of Congress to pass legislation that lifts the oil liability cap and the cap on punitive damages

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