Friday, May 14, 2010

Here's To The Crazy Ones / I'm One Of Them


Change starts when someone sees and shares the next step but it takes courage to speak what you see ~ particularly if you are seeing through the heart: Allen L Roland

Seeing through the heart is both a blessing and a curse ~ for in speaking your truth, you are often blessed and scorned for telling your truth. In my case, it's being able to see a loving plan in action beneath the obvious denial, anger, bargaining and depression all around me ~ and then express it as a
Unified Field of love and soul consciousness.

But I'd rather be laughed at and called crazy for expressing what I know and feel than be trapped behind self imposed prison bars of self negating fear. The robin doesn't sing because it's happy ~ it's happy because it sings !

Are you one of the crazy ones who make things happen just by being yourself ? Click on this four minute video and find out.

Allen L Roland

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