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The Patriots are building a Public Relations moat around Tom Brady in deflategate similar to the one around his new 20 million dollar castle but it won't keep the NFL from fining the Patriots for playing loose with the rules or, for that matter, the Seattle Seahawks from storming the walls and bringing Brady and the Patriots back to earth: Allen L Roland, Ph.D

It is obvious to me that Brady knew the balls were deflated (as suggested by John Madden and Troy Aikman) and elected either to go along with the illegal balls or suggested the rules violation.

Mark Leibovich, New York Times, interviews Tom Brady and offers a candid view of New England's elusive superstar in which he explores the Patriot's (under coach Bellicheat) seeming willingness to bend the rules under the guise of winning at all costs.
Excerpts: "But the Patriots of this century have been widely resented for reasons that go well beyond any jealousy. Fort Belichick is known as a paranoid and joyless place whose inhabitants are not above pushing the rules in the name of achieving a competitive edge ~ though Patriots haters prefer the far less euphemistic term “cheating.” It’s a charge that has stemmed from the so-called Spy gate incident of 2007, in which a Patriots employee was caught illicitly videotaping the hand signals of opposing coaches. For critics, that episode is emblematic of a team willing to do “whatever it takes” to win….His (Brady's) ruthless competitiveness is legend, as is his reputation among players for trash talking, whining to referees and general unpleasantness on the field….Brady called the Deflategate charge “ridiculous” that day, but when he called me from his home on Wednesday, he seemed to be venturing into a most un-Brady-like territory: nervousness….“I’m always a thinker ~ I’ve got to outthink them,” Brady told me once, referring to his competitors. He talked a lot about flouting conventional wisdom. But does that extend to flouting rules? Suddenly, the story of Tom Brady’s season shifted from a tale of pushing limits to one that included suspicion of sneaking past them …As Brady’s news conference wound down, he seemed to regain his footing through a familiar theme: adversity. The Patriots would rally around one another. Brady had previously said to me that he tends to view most things in his life through the prism of people who doubt him ~ his abilities, his age, even the legitimacy of his biggest achievements. And now, his integrity" ~ which I add is now on fairly shaky ground,

Full article by Mark Leibovich

Perhaps only parody can do full justice to this comedy of errors of deflated footballs and exposed and deflated egos. SNL live Press Conference ~


Allen L Roland, Ph.D

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  1. “The truly scary thing about undiscovered lies is that they have a greater capacity to diminish us than exposed ones. They erode our strength, our self-esteem, our very foundation.”
    ― Cheryl Hughes