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There is another source of awareness, it is the subtle awareness of an inner direction which is bigger than ourselves, our hopes and our fears ~ it is the inner call of a state of soul consciousness deepest within us all ~ a  Unified Field  of love and soul consciousness which calls us into service from an egoless place of joy, intention, purpose and delight: Allen L Roland, PhD

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and right doing there is a field.
I'll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”
~ Rumi

Being in the field to me is a deep awareness that I am in sync with my destiny regarding my work as a heart centered consultant and that my destiny is involved with retrieving lost souls from the rubble of deep childhood unworthiness ~ and through the magic of gratitude helping them heal themselves and find their authentic vocation within a universal loving plan.

There is an old phrase: a lost soul. But the soul is not lost; it is only buried. When it is retrieved divine life bursts forth like a spring flower. Where is God to be found? It is to be found in the heart of a buried soul who has been awakened through love and gratefulness.

When a soul is buried, if it has lost that light, that life, that warmth ~ then what does our heart become?  It becomes like a grave or a lifeless garden without any access to the sun.

In a popular song there is a beautiful line which says, “The light of a whole life dies when love is gone.” That life giving living energy in the heart is love. It often gets overlaid by the dense fog of our ego driven worldly pursuit and vain ambitions ~ but beneath it all is a  Unified Field of love and soul consciousness which constantly calls to us but few listen and fewer still respond.

In the third tenet of my PhD dissertation, The Unified Field, I describe the process by which psychic pain can over-ride joy and how most people are afraid of or mistrust their deepest joy ~ It would appear that the pain of not feeling loved for oneself and being seemingly separated from our original state of soul consciousness and the Unified Field is of such deep psychic proportions that, early in childhood, processes are triggered in the hypothalamus which result in a left brain imbalance and dominance as well as the denial, mistrust and forgetting of our connection to the Unified Field and the love and joy and a state of soul consciousness deepest within us. It is from this dark tunnel of pain, aloneness, despair and apparent death that the ego and ego consciousness is born - for survival and protection purposes only.

In my role as a heart centered consultant with over 45 years' experience of soul retrieval especially with veterans with PTSD, I retrieve buried souls and empower them through love and gratefulness to not only open their hearts but to also find their unique place in a universal loving plan from a place of celebration and service.

Here are the eight stages of ego transcendence I demonstrate and teach. Remember that the ego is a projection of what we feel we have to be versus being our true authentic self ~ and it is always born out of deep pain and aloneness.

1. Denial    Everything is fine, there is nothing missing in my life ~ I'm in full control of everything

2. Anger    I can't stay in control and manipulate things any more ~ it's not working, it's making me angry.   

3. Bargaining   I'll hang on to something so I won't get out of control and have to deal with the unknown and all those scary feelings deep inside me that I have been continually avoiding.

4. Depression  Why am I feeling so sad, and it feels so deep. If only I could get out of this pit of despair.

5. Acceptance / Connection   I'm feeling deep sadness and it's the same feelings I felt as a child ~ I can't deny these feelings any longer.

6. Surrender  I'm letting go and trusting that there is joy beneath my sadness ~ what is this excitement I'm feeling beneath this well of grief and it has nothing to do with someone else.

7. Celebration  I'm truly feeling the joy of being myself and the growing awareness that there is something I'm supposed to be doing ~ I'm beginning to trust the unknown and see through different eyes.

8.  Service  I'm fully trusting myself, I'm listening and I'm responding to this inner call ~ I want to be in service from this inner place of authentic love, joy and delight.


Make no mistake about it, the keys to the magic kingdom of the soul are gratefulness and forgiveness ~ and eventually gratefulness and forgiveness ends with our self.

I meet these people from a place of celebration and service and invite them to take their turn !

Initially, each one of these participants complete a Life chart ~ a chart which clearly shows their whole life, relationships and war experience as a Quest or journey to where they are now.

From our very first session, they begin the process of thanking the people who have been there in their lives and as they do ~ like flowers, their buried or numbed out hearts begin to open allowing them to see through different eyes.

They all have access to these self-healing steps in my updated Kindle Book RADICAL THERAPY, SURRENDER TO LOVE AND HEAL YOURSELF IN SEVEN  SESSIONS (not seven years). Here is the Kindle link

And here's a link to the YouTube sessions of the self-healing process I teach ~ Watch, in the first 20 minutes, how Marina conquers her deepest fear and demonstrates that beneath her pain and fear is boundless joy, See video

Make no mistake about this self-healing process ~ for my clients are healing themselves through their homework and action. I touch them from a place of celebration and service and I'm not afraid of their deepest fears for I know and demonstrate that beneath that level of pain and aloneness is a Unified Field of love, joy and celebration as well as their authentic vocation within a universal loving plan.

My whole life has been a quest to find a delightful child within myself whose heart was so deeply touched by my grandfather that I could literally feel love leap from my heart towards him ~ and I seemingly sensed that within that love I was an integral part of something far greater than myself.

When I was taken away from my grandfather at 6 years old my heart closed and became a buried treasure that I spent much of my life looking for. It was only when I totally surrendered to love and eventually the pain of seemingly losing it, that I fell into a rabbit hole of love, joy and soul consciousness (the Unified Field) beneath that pain ~ along with a growing awareness of my eventual part in this universal loving plan whose principle property is the urge to unite.

It was the same life and death Final Option that I experienced as a Naval Aviator in 1960 and I again fully surrendered to a timeless all-knowing and fearless place of soul consciousness which lay beneath my deepest fears and beyond time and space. See the Final Option ~

Being in the Field means sharing with everyone the full and joyous gift of who I am with intention and purpose, much as my grandfather originally did with me ~ and then watching buried souls burst to life when they realize they are truly being seen and that it's finally their turn.

“What happens when people open their hearts ~ They get better.”  ~ Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood


Allen L Roland, PhD

Heart centered spiritual consultant and advisor Allen L Roland can be contacted at Allen is also a lecturer and writer who shares a weekly political and social commentary on his web log and website He is also featured columnist on Veterans Today and  guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on


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