Friday, November 7, 2014



On Being a Veteran

Being a Veteran is being in service

First of all to our country and next to our

fellow Veterans.

Every Veteran has a story and it's always

a story of sacrifice ~ for all of us have

sacrificed two, four or in my case seven years in

order to protect the fleet, our mission or our homeland and

those years are forever gone.

But those years are also filled with memories

Memories of camaraderie,

Memories of close friendships,

Memories of shared bonding in battle, in carrier operations or

under attack.

Many of us have been to the dark side and never returned to

the light.

Many of us cannot forget the horror of war and the memories

still haunt us.

Each of us, as Veterans, are proud we served our country and

we welcome the respect and care we receive at our VA clinics

and know, at the deepest level, that we are all brothers and

sisters ~ joined by a common bond of

sacrifice and service.


It’s an intangible bond but it's there and I feel it strongly when


I meet another Veteran ~ particularly a disabled one.


It's a sense of knowing and acknowledgement that goes beyond


words but resonates in the soul ~


We Served.



Allen L Roland, Ph.D

US Naval Aviator 1957-1964

Veterans of Oakley, California



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