Friday, March 5, 2010

Finally, A Matchmaking Service For Lobbyists And Politicians


It was an idea long overdue, particularly with lobbyists outnumbering politicians by at least ten to one ~ a matchmaking site for polluters, Industry lobbyists and politicians where the only ones who lose are, of course, the American taxpayer: Allen L Roland

What is it with politicians who get caught lying, taking bribes or breaking ethics laws but pass it off as the beltway Way of Life ~ and act like they did not do anything wrong. Take for example ~ Rep. Charles Rangel, Democratic Chairman of the House Ways and Means committee, who gets slapped on the wrist this week by the Senate ethics committee for accepting an illegal multi-day vacation ~ paid for by a well connected corporate 'sponsor' in the Caribbean.

Three of the five Democrats on the bipartisan Ethics Committee got donations from Rangel and one of them went along with Rangel on his recent ill fated Island junket ~ which confirms that most politicians are indeed for sale to the highest corporate bidder.

So why not make it legal and set up a matchmaking service that at least brings transparency to this long time Washington D.C tradition.

Published by GREENPEACE on February 24, 2010 ~ this brilliant satire on just such a matchmaking service, like all great satires, comes very close to the truth. is the #1 Matchmaking Site for Polluters, Industry Lobbyists, & Politicians !

Here's a typical success story ~ " When I saw Jeff's profile, I couldn't believe I found a lobbyist with so much money to contribute to my re-election campaigns and so many big coal and utility industry clients. Arch Coal, Southern Company, Edison Electric... I thought "He's just what I'm looking for!" We instantly clicked ~ in our first phone conversation, he told me he could bundle $10,000 by our first date. We met in person a week later, and he had the check in hand. By our second date we knew that this was the real thing for us both. He told me he'd been trying to undermine the Clean Air Act since the first Bush term. As the ranking member on the Energy and Natural Resources committee, I was happy to help him by slowing down clean energy policy and introducing polluter-friendly legislation. Thanks to PolluterHarmony, I've finally found my perfect match. Together, we're blocking the EPA from taking on big polluters. And now that the Supreme Court has opened the floodgates for corporate funded elections, Jeff's able to funnel even more money into my re-election efforts this November."

A match made in heaven, or hell if your a progressive, but what else can you expect in a Corpocracy ~ a society dominated politically and economically by large corporations ~ where the dirty energy money is there for the taking.

3 minute video of K Street lobbyist Jeff's big score ~

Allen L Roland

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