Friday, February 26, 2010

Tech Support / From Dark Ages To Present


Where would we be in this Internet age without Tech Support ~ but every advancement in communication has had the same need. Imagine the dramatic shift from reading scrolls to reading books, without Tech support : Allen L Roland

I remember, many, many years ago, when I made the shift from my electronic typewriter to my first computer. It was like learning to walk, each step a little wobbly and yet excited about the new world I was experiencing through my eyes and, of course, the internet.

It was also a humbling learning experience and thank God for Tech support. It started with my webmaster, then my Internet provider and countless other sources of technical information when I needed it ~ and most of questions had simple and obvious answers.

I'm not talking about manuals here ~ I'm talking about human interaction. For example, imagine what it must have been like in the dark ages when books began to replace scrolls ~ 2 minute Video

Allen L Roland

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