Friday, February 12, 2010

Obama Still Campaigning Versus Leading


The true test of a persons character is not how they handle adversity but how do they handle power. In that respect President Obama has failed ~ for the articulate candidate of action and change, that many of us voted for, has become the consummate Washington political insider who is still in campaign mode and has lost both his base and credibility in the process: Allen L Roland

It's almost every day that I see President Obama on TV whether I'm in my health club or passing through a restaurant and I always internally ask the same question ~ why is he still campaigning and why isn't he leading?

Then I realized that his trusted inner Chicago circle of advisors are all members of his original campaign team and they are obviously still in campaign mode but this time it's the mid term elections ~ Jobs and the economy be dammed !

Every decision now, particularly after the Massachusetts Democratic debacle, is a political decision aimed toward righting the badly listing Obama ship of state and not rocking the boat with a mid-term election in the fall.

Meanwhile Obama is trying to position himself as the Outsider in Chief in order to regain the support of his disillusioned progressive and rapidly vanishing Independent base. Eugene Robinson,Truthout, defined that term perfectly ~ "President Obama's first State of the Union address didn't signal a political shift to the left or the right. It sounded more like a shrewd attempt to move from the inside to the outside ~ to position himself alongside disaffected voters, peering through the windows of the den of iniquity called Washington and reacting with dismay at the depravity within."

It's almost like a detached G.W.Bush looking out of the window of Air force One as it passed over the the chaos of New Orleans ~ a few days after hurricane Katrina ~ instead this time it's President Obama unsuccessfully trying to move outside his role as the consummate Washington insider and main street America is not buying it.

Steve Clemons, Huffington Post, rightfully lays the blame for Obama's sinking popularity on the fact that he would rather campaign than lead ~ " Pundits, Democratic lawmakers and opinion pollsters offer a smorgasbord of reasons ~ from Mr Obama's decision to devote his first year in office to healthcare reform, to the president's inability to convince voters he can "feel their [economic] pain", to the apparent ungovernability of today's Washington. All may indeed have contributed to the quandary in which Mr Obama finds himself. But those around him have a more specific diagnosis ~ and one that is striking in its uniformity. The Obama White House is geared for campaigning rather than governing, they say. "

Obama must learn that there is no true change without action and action always involves risk. Bill Maher compares Obama to Lindsay Lohan: " We see your name in the paper a lot, but we're kind of wondering when you're actually going to do something."

Allen L Roland

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