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Once again, the magic of love and gratefulness applied through heart centered action leads eight veterans with PTSD to another choice in their life but also to a greater sense of themselves, their purpose and their ability to give and receive love: Allen L Roland, Ph.D

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”  ~ Albert Einstein

In my role as a volunteer heart centered consultant, advisor and mentor, I have recently assisted in the transition of eight more combat veterans with PTSD who found the courage to go within and beneath their pain and anguish and found, in the process, their original innocence, joy and delight as well as a need to be in service from that very same place of love and gratitude ~ and all within eight sessions in eight weeks.

Make no mistake about this, the keys to the magic kingdom of the soul and soul retrieval is gratefulness ~ and gratefulness and eventually forgiveness begins with our self. Each one of these participants with the assistance of their adjustment counselor complete a Life chart ~ a chart which clearly shows their whole life, relationships and war experience and where they are now.

But the life chart also shows the path of their heart and how every love relationship has been a gift in their life quest to reconnect with their original innocence, love and joy. For most of them, childhood emotional trauma has caused them to emotionally check out and they live in emotional darkness ~ reinforced by their military experience ~  a grey disconnected world of aloneness and fear based ego consciousness.

I am brought in as a former active duty veteran as well as a fully vetted volunteer advisor and heart centered consultant to help these veterans connect the dots and begin to see their whole life as an inner QUEST to find their lost self and how each love relationship has played its role in accelerating that quest to not only find themselves ~  but to also live and speak their inner truth.

From the very first session, they begin the process of thanking the people who have been there in their lives and as they do ~ their buried or numbed out hearts begin to open allowing them to see through different eyes.

They all have access to these self-healing steps in my updated Kindle Book RADICAL THERAPY, SURRENDER TO LOVE AND HEAL YOURSELF IN SEVEN  SESSIONS (not seven years). Here is the Kindle link

Here's a link to the YouTube sessions of the self-healing process I teach ~ Watch, in the first 20 minutes, how Marina conquers her deepest fear and demonstrates that beneath her pain and fear is boundless joy, See video

In the third tenet of my PhD dissertation, The Unified Field, I describe the process by which psychic pain can over-ride joy and how most people are afraid of or mistrust their deepest joy ~ It would appear that the pain of not feeling loved for oneself and being seemingly separated from our original state of soul consciousness and the Unified Field is of such deep psychic proportions that, early in childhood, processes are triggered in the hypothalamus which result in a left brain imbalance and dominance as well as the denial, mistrust and forgetting of our connection to the Unified Field and the love and joy and a state of soul consciousness deepest within us. It is from this dark tunnel of pain, aloneness, despair and apparent death that the ego and ego consciousness is born - for survival and protection purposes only. As such, death or the idea of death, is an illusion measured by the limits of our consciousness. It is within that cocoon that the innocent and loving child awaits its turn to be seen and released from its own bondage.

Think of the ego as a protective cocoon that is eventually meant to be shed. The Unified Field can be visualized as a grid of great luminosity joining all living beings within its energy field of love. The words of Longfellow would seem appropriate in describing this all-encompassing field or grid: "The thread of all sustaining beauty that runs through all and doth all unite.

So after sharing their life charts with the group and taking accountability for their life and the decisions they alone have made to run away from love and joy and hide in a cocoon of ego consciousness ~ they all are ready to meet their real coach (the trapped child within) through a guided visualization and begin the process of listening and responding to their own inner guidance but by this time they all at least sense  that deepest within them is love and joy.

Here are two of the questions they asked the child during this exercise ~ followed by their answer.

5. Is there joy beneath my pain ?

    D ~ Yes

    T ~ Yes

    G ~ Yes

    M ~ Yes

    W ~ Yes

    M ~ Yes

    A ~ Yes

       J ~ Yes, of course.


6. How important is this work ?  Why?

    D ~ Very Important,  it's Life and Death

    T ~ Yes, so I can join the human race (Universe)

    G ~ Extremely, It's the only way I can find peace

    M ~ It's most important, I need it

    W ~ Very, It is the most important, it's the path to love myself

    M ~ Very, It's life and death

    A ~ Very, it's important to fully live

       J ~ Very, it will change me forever.

In session six, they experience the Death Exercise where each has a chance to clearly see their life as a quest and experience how many people really knew them. Then each one of them experiences a mock death and each one has the chance to feel the love as well as extend that love to one another within the group. For some of them, this is the first time they have experienced themselves being loved for who they really are as well as extending their own love toward others.

The last session is all about listening and responding to their inner direction and fully claiming the gift of themselves ~ which is the prime purpose of this self-healing empowering workshop. We now have close to 95 combat veteran graduates with Band of Brothers #16 commencing this week. The graduating Band of Brothers meet once a month in after care to share their experiences as well as welcome the new graduates.

And finally here's a breakdown on what each member of Band of Brothers #15 gained from these sessions in their own words.


D ~ "I created a veteran family that loves and emotionally supports me."

T~ "I learned to speak from my heart"

G ~ "I have reached a state of inner peace and ease in all situations"

W ~ "I have learned to love and express myself and feel immense feelings of joy"

M ~ "I trust this inner process of listening to myself and learning from within"

A ~ " I'm more focused and less controlled by fear"

M ~ "I've learned to listen to and trust myself"

J ~ "I know I have another choice of behavior and there is joy beneath my pain "


It is really so obvious that many of these active duty Veterans want another choice versus drugs in their rehabilitation. The Healing the Wounded Heart program with its emphasis on healing soul damage through gratefulness and heart centered action is a beacon of light in the seemingly impenetrable darkness of PTSD.

Perhaps with the upcoming 100th graduate of the Band of Brothers HWH program ~ the VA will realize (similar to the story of the 100th monkey that tipped the balance of monkey consciousness) that the time has come to recognize that a heart centered approach to Veterans rehabilitation has an important role to play in returning our veterans to useful, intentioned and fulfilling lives.

“What happens when people open their hearts?"
"They get better.”
  ~ Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood


Allen L Roland, Ph.D

Heart centered spiritual consultant and advisor Allen L Roland can be contacted at Allen is also a lecturer and writer who shares a weekly political and social commentary on his web log and website He is also a featured columnist on Veterans Today and  guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on


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  1. “Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”
    ― Ralph Waldo Emerson