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 As the pre-primary season begins, it becomes obvious to me that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are relics from our political past and Elizabeth Warren is a gathering fresh breeze for our rapidly changing political climate. Jeb looks old, wane and somewhat conscious of the impossible burden his name carries. Hillary has so much political baggage that it may never get unpacked and many are having second thoughts about her political leanings and presidential ambitions. That leaves the stage open for Senator Elizabeth Warren who will soon be making her presence felt on the national stage as the only authentic voice for true change ~ but does it really matter: Allen L Roland, Ph.D


"I'm really concerned that too big to fail has become too big to jail. That just seems wrong to me." Elizabeth Warren ~ remarks to bank regulators during Senate hearing, Feb. 14

As Hillary Clinton arrogantly recently sends message to Democrats and the media according to Fox news ~  Suck it up. I'm all you've got ~ there’s no viable alternative to me other than a Republican president  ~ she conveniently forgets that a legitimate populist Democrat is in the wings and rapidly picking up voter poll momentum as not only an alternative to yesterday's Hillary and Jeb Bush, with all their well-known baggage,  but Elizabeth Warren represents a true other choice, a genuine grassroots candidate who just might deliver on Obama's broken promises and commitment to the status quo. See Fox report:


Here's Warren writing about the recent Republican ambush on basic workers' rights while Hillary puts out email fires as well as continues to ignore her dwindling progressive base;


"Republicans say government should keep on working for employers who don’t like unions and who have figured out how to exploit a tangled system. They complain about government inefficiencies, but then they introduce a bill that is specifically designed so that a broken, inefficient system will stay broken and inefficient ~ even when we know how to fix it.

But we weren’t sent here just to represent employers who don’t like unions. We’re here to support working people who just want a fighting chance to level the playing field. Join me right now to tell Congress to let the NLRB do its job. "  See RSN article:

Mark my words, Elizabeth Warren is the stealth candidate who has slipped beneath the radar of the main stream press infatuation with political dinosaurs Bush and Hillary and has already become the darling of the people of Iowa ~ who are fed up with Republican arrogance, Hillary's worn out baggage and Obama's broken promises .

Scott Galindez, Reader Supported News, reported in February, 2015 that "Run Warren Run"  ( is gaining Steam and High-Profile Support ~ and that was before Hillary' current email account fiasco which Obama has completely distanced himself from.

 "There was also a February poll commissioned by Warren supporters that showed that many are  looking for an alternative to Hillary Clinton. This poll was clearly a push poll, but PPP director Tom Jensen defended it as an earnest effort to assess Clinton’s weaknesses, asserting she likely “will be testing a lot of this stuff in her own polling.”

 The results show shehas some vulnerability ~ and Warren a lot of appeal ~ when it comes to their records on the financial crisis and related economic issues,” Jensen said. “If Clinton does end up running, she will need to take a tougher approach toward the financial industry or risk having the issue give her a lot of trouble with voters across the party spectrum,” he said.

A few key results of the poll:

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Hillary Clinton?

Favorable 43%
Unfavorable 48%
Not sure 10%

If the candidates for president next year were Republican Scott Walker and Democrat Hillary Clinton, who would you vote for?

Scott Walker 42%
Hillary Clinton 45%
Not sure 14%

There were also questions that showed that voters would be receptive to a Warren candidacy.

The 900 registered voters were from both parties. Clinton does have greater popularity among Democrats. But the results show that Clinton’s name recognition does not give her an advantage in the general election, and that her popular support does not go beyond the Democratic Party."   See article ~

But that was yesterday in February and as I mentioned those poll numbers do not reflect Hillary's current personal email problems as Secretary of State ~ which is just one small piece of Hillary's excess baggage.

If Elizabeth Warren runs for president, she will force the Democratic field ~ and the press ~ to engage in a robust and in-depth discussion of progressive priorities like expanding Social Security, alleviating crushing student loan debt, and helping working families get a fair shot in an economic system that is rigged against them. Without her, those issues are non-issues.

Millions of Americans want Elizabeth Warren to enter the presidential race and the calls are getting louder every day. Watch this five minute video to see why people seem to love her but does it really make any difference?

Warren is not a mystery candidate born out of despair and frustration as Obama was ~ but instead a transparent populist candidate who is not afraid of making a stand for the people and just may deliver on the promises that Obama, in his straddling tradition, triangulated himself into ineffectiveness ~ while maintaining the status Quo and an unfair playing field.

Of course, many high ranking Democrats have most likely bought into our one party election system where the leaders are preordained by Wall Street and big money ~ the primaries thus become kabuki theater where the actors play out their roles and the leaders know it's all a farce as Hillary Clinton most certainly does according to Fox news ~ Suck it up. I'm all you've got ~ there’s no viable alternative to me other than a Republican president.

Let's hope I'm wrong but the signs of illusion are all there ~ as the late George Carlin once shared and Elizabeth Warren is becoming increasingly aware of ~ George Carlin The Illusion Of Choice, voting, presidents, corporate control and more... 5 minute video


"I believe the playing field is rigged. Evidence of that is everywhere. Now I've been in the Senate for nearly a year and believe as strongly as ever that the system is rigged for powerful interests and against working families."   Elizabeth Warren


 Allen L Roland, Ph.D

Heart centered spiritual consultant and advisor Allen L Roland can be contacted at Allen is also a lecturer and writer who shares a weekly political and social commentary on his web log and website He is also a featured columnist on Veterans Today and  guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on




  1. "I'm out there working for Jamie Dimon the same way Dick Cheney is out there trying to save the environment." Elizabeth Warren

  2. Only one problem. She already officially said she will not run. Perhaps . . . someone whispered in her ear and gave her a warning?