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Marina after meeting child in session four

 Born in Ireland, 46 years old, catholic, breech birth who suffered emotionally, sexual and physical abuse from father ~ Marina voluntarily became my last private practice Skype client and in the process of reading my Kindle book on Radical Therapy and doing its seven heart centered self-healing sessions, Marina not only found the emotionally lost 5 year old child within herself but also gave that child a voice. Marina's story represents a universal lifelong quest for many to find that same precious child and my book's role as her empowering coach and guide was to help her defeat fear in the process ~ particularly the fear that being herself was not enough: Allen L Roland

 Because of my age and service connected disability as a Navy Fighter pilot on the USS Ranger in the early 1960's ~ I have discontinued my private clinical practice this year and instead I am concentrating on my work as a heart centered consultant and mentor for other spiritual therapists and counselors as well as the promotion of my PhD dissertation on the Unified Field  and self-healing exercises in my Kindle book Radical Therapy / Surrender to Love and Heal Yourself in Seven Sessions, Not Seven Years.

Here are the three basic tenets of my Unified field ~ which I fully explain in my book and Kindle EBook entitled RADICAL THERAPY. This is the Amazon Kindle link:

 Imagine my excitement when Steven Strouth, Marina's husband who was visiting in Ireland, read my book and suggested that I not only put the book on Kindle but that he would help me as my promoter/manager and then his wife Marina volunteered as a client for a YouTube demonstration on how someone can use this book and its seven sessions to heal themselves. Marina gave us total permission to use the personal information from these sessions on YouTube ~ because of her desire to help and touch others with her story.

 And that she most certainly has done as you can witness by going to Allen L Roland / Radical Therapy on YouTube.

 Here's the video link of session 5 on April 27, 2014


I chose to use YouTube sessions for several reasons. Marina illustrates the courage it takes to overcome extreme aloneness and unworthiness issues associated with sexual abuse and somehow not give up the hope to claim her original innocence, joy, intention and purpose. Once I told Marina "It's Your Turn" in the first session, she was like a horse to the barn and her stumbling blocks of fear became stepping stones of courage as she galloped to the finish line ~ which was herself ~ unchained from unworthiness, freed from the stifling harness of fear and ready to speak her truth.

I chose to show session #5 because Marina explains in the first 15 minutes how she was seemingly cloaked in fear after the session where she met her child ~ afraid to be real and she completely surrendered to the fear when she went to bed, deeply cried and woke up in the morning completely alive and seeing through different eyes ~ much like Scrooge in the Christmas Carol waking up on Christmas morning and seeing through different eyes. As she explained, it was almost as if  the authentic child within her said ~ Marina, you must first feel my fear and accept my pain in order to get to my deeper joy, intention, purpose and celebration.

 No longer a hostage to her fears, Marina is now seeing through different eyes and is thanking all the many people in her life who saw her light when she couldn't accept love and escape her unworthiness issues and prison of fear.

The gift I gave Marina was sharing my empowering truth with sincere and genuine joy and excitement ~ for I am obviously coming from a place of inner celebration and service.

 Can it really be this simple? That we can heal ourselves by taking responsibility for love and living with a grateful heart.

Yes, it is and my Kindle book will set the stage for you in that process and if you follow the YouTube video of each of the sessions with Marina, this should inspire you to embrace your fear as well as the sadness beneath it and eventually tap into the Unified Field  ~    a spring of love and joy that lies deepest within us and connects us all.

 Marina's story became Marina's turn to no longer be held hostage by her fears and instead fully claim her original love, joy, intention and freedom as well as her part in a universal loving plan.

 Longfellow described this state of soul consciousness best ~ "The thread of all sustaining beauty that runs through all and doth all unite."

Allen L Roland

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  1. Marina is dramatic evidence of the intention and purpose of someone who is truly gifted and will seize any opportunity to explore another life fulfilling choice versus living her life as a hostage to fear.